Anike Hage & Judith Park licensing updates

January 31, 2007

First and foremost- Gothic Sports has been licensed for release in the US! The first volume will be coming out from Tokyopop on May 8, so be sure to grab it and check it out… the ISBN is 1-59816-992-0. Anike Hage’s ongoing series is one of the most popular German “manga” works, and we can vouch for how successfully written and drawn it is. We’ll put up a more indepth review somepoint in the future, before its stateside release. Be sure to pick it up!

In other licensing news, Judith Park recently posted a photo of her collection of foreign editions of her work. You can see it in her blog here. Pictured are Greek, Italian, and French covers, with the top right image being a cover she did for UniSPIEGEL, a college-student oriented magazine. The Korean cover of Y Square is still being worked on, so she can’t show it yet.


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