Judith Park chat

February 15, 2007

Judith Park was recently in a chat hosted by AnimeY, the transcript of which can be found here. Over 80 people joined in.

Regarding Chibi/Daisuki:
At the time of the chat, Park was hard at work on Luxus, her Chibi manga. Luxus takes place in Duesseldorf, and according to Park, “I’m addressing a big problem of society, and Duesseldorf for me is the personification of that problem.” She enjoyed the page count, calling it perfect for short stories, but is too busy with Y Square PLUS to do any more any time soon. Y Square PLUS’s run in Daisuki, a monthly manga anthology, will soon be joined by a new series by German mangaka Stella Brandner, which starts in May.
The second round of Chibis are already in production, with two “boxes” (in connection to their display) released a year. For anyone interested in pitching to Chibi, Park says to send a normal pitch to Anne anytime. What’s important for a pitch?

Concept is most important- it should be reduced to the essentials – 1 page is optimal. Really important is character info, location, time and topic. Apart from that, first scribbles and page layouts, as well as character illustrations.

Regarding her history as a comic artist:
Park says she never really applied- Joachim Kaps apparently contacted her and they met up at the Leipzig Bookfair and discussed possible story ideas. She didn’t have to pitch more than once, as her first submission, Dystopia, was accepted. One of her favorite things about working for Carlsen is working with her editor, who she’s been a time with for a while. Park says that being published really opened her eyes to the differences between an amateur and a professional, and made her realize how much she needed to improve– hence her style developing and improving so much between Dystopia and Y Square.
It takes her about 6-7 months to create a manga, with one month per chapter. Because of the editing, etc, it ends up being about a year.
Regarding future works:
She’s working on a collaboration with Anike Hage, but is really busy right now, so it’s taking some time. Park would like to some day try a longer series (she’s currently working on her third single volume work), but recognizes how well thought-out it would need to be. She’d like to try “more dramatic stories, or something action or bizarre,” but again says she will only try these once she feels she’s evolved enough.


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