Press Release – Hungry Hearts v1

February 18, 2007

Hungry Hearts 1
ISBN 3-934167-35-7, available at
German language
176 pages – 6.50 Euros
Release date: March 22, 2007

Schwarzer Turm has already brought out two remarkable anthologies from the “Turm Manga Spezial” line, “Es war keinmal” and “200g Hack”. The third anthology, “Hungry Hearts“, seduces readers with seven erotic comics.
With a rating of 16 and up, the reader can expect the naked truth and suggestive stories.
Yuri and Boys Love-lovers haven’t been forgotten. Niki Smith‘s short story, “Fingerspitzen”, puts you in the middle of a lesbian romantic scene. Those who like it a little more explicit will enjoy Hermann Geisler‘s story “Flesh ‘N’ Steel”, a mix of sci-fi and naked women.
“Hungry Hearts” is published left-to-right, and the varied styles of the artists should also charm lovers of classic European comics.


One Response to “Press Release – Hungry Hearts v1”

  1. tayo Says:

    i wanna have this manga!!!!!!

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