Chat with Joachim Kaps

February 21, 2007

On January 16th, Dr. Joachim Kaps, head of answered questions in a chat hosted by AnimeY. Here are the points of interest with regard to the German manga scene:

There are no deadlines to apply to MangaFieber, applications are accepted 365 days a year.
One of the artists from MF1 will soon have their own project out, which should surprise everyone. Other artists are also still in contact with TP, but have not yet found the right project for them.
Christina Plaka’s next volume of Yonen Buzz will be out in July, and so far, no end for the series is planned.
Jo Kaps’ favorite manga from EMA and Carlsen are Judith Park, whom he worked with in his Carlsen time, Dragonball, Conan and DuO, whose artwork he really likes.
As announced earlier, there will be a small limited edition of Gothic Sports merchandise to test fans’ reactions.
As for payment, he says that neither artists nor editors currently get rich working for TP. However, if one lives frugally, then being an artist full-time can work, as it does for Anike Hage. However, licensing works to other countries and merchandise should hopefully add a little to the salary.
Unlike numbers cited by Georg F. W. Tempel (head of EMA), he says only few manga manage to sell more than 10,000 copies. However, he says that Anike Hage is close to getting there. Many countries seem to have expressed interest in In the End and Grimms Manga.
So far, no specific projects are planned with Olga Rogalski and Natalie Wormsbecher, but both are considered great talents, and it is a matter of finding the right project.


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