Odds and Ends

March 28, 2007

Volume 13 of EMA’s free sampler, Shinkan, is now available for download on their site.  Part four (pages 120-150, but remember: Japanese direction!) includes a number of pages from Musouka, a boys love story by Diana Liesaus, and Gott Gauss, by Viviane & Bruno Cotting; both are new German manga, and soon to be released!  Gott Gauss is listed as being a single volume, while Musouka will be continued in later volumes.  There are also a few pin-ups from Independent volume 3, by DuO, so be sure to check it out!

Want more previews?  Kappa Maki volume 1 has one up!  For those unaware of it, Kappa Maki is a new anthology of “German doujinshi” (this volume’s theme: comedy) which is only sold at cons and on the publisher’s site. Anike Hage (Gothic Sports) did the cover of volume one, and eleven short stories fill the anthology, including one by Nam & Tram Nguyen (Delilah’s Mystery).

We’ve updated the Master List of German Manga with quite a few new additions, and gave the Licensed Abroad page a make-over, with lots of new info… but there’s still lots we’re missing!  Let us know if you have any idea who the publishers that have licensed these works are.

EMA & Carlsen

March 20, 2007

Carlsen’s latest free Manga Preview is to be released on the 22nd, so look for it at their stall at the Leipzig Bookfair and any place you normally buy manga.  The volume contains the normal previews from the new releases, as well as an exclusive short manga from Judith Park.
Aside from the first Chibi box (see Master List for info) and Go Kids!, Manga-Talente 2007 will also be released.

black&white, 128 pages
€ 6,- (D) / € 6,20 (A) / sFr. 10,90
ISBN 978-3-551-77775-1

In EMA news, Splashcomics reports that all the EMA-artists will be participating in the Japanese Cartoon Association’s International Manga Award. Wish them luck!

A collected volume of the winners of The Wild Side & Koneko’s recent competition, Yaoi Newcomers is now available.

By various artists
116 pages / ISBN 978-3-939484-05-9
Color cover, 5 color pages, rest b/w
Publishing date: February 2007
Price € 10,90

Also new to their site is Stallion, licensed from American publisher Yaoi Press.

Tokyopop March Newsletter

March 19, 2007

For those interested in the Gothic Sports & Pink Psycho/In the End merchandise, a picture was released with the Tokyopop Newsletter, and can be seen here.

Those same two series are also the first German manga to be released… in Japanese.  They’ve joined the ranks of a number of US-Tokyopop series, and are now being released on mobile phones in Japan.  Yonen Buzz and Summer Rain should both soon join them.

Last but not least, a preview of Yaru is now available on the Tokyopop site’s Manga Player.  Also up is more Grimms Manga.

To correct an earlier post, it looks like Paper Theatre 5 won’t be coming out this month, but should be in stores by April.

And Schwarzer Turm’s 4th “Manga Spezial” is in the works, and should be out by June!  Titled Blütenträume (“blossom dreams”), it’s a collection of six shoujo-styled short stories, and the in-progress cover can be seen here.  The following artists make up the anthology, with the cover done by Natalie Wormsbecher (Summer Rain).

Nurgül Güler
Julia Kutsch
Peggy Potkowa
Katalin Stappenbeck
Kassandra Steinbeck
Simone Xie

Tokyopop will sell a small limited edition of merchandise for their series Gothic Sports by Anike Hage and In the End by Pink Psycho at next weekend’s Leipzig Bookfair in order to test the market.  AnimeY reports that there will be sweat bands and patches for both Gothic Sports and In the End as well as a Gothic Sports ball. Fans should be quick, as the supply is limited!

Licensing & Chibi news

March 15, 2007

From the Daisuki newsletter: Judith Park’s Y Square has been licensed for release in America! This is the first of Carlsen’s original series to be picked up for English release, and it joins Tokyopop’s Gothic Sports and Yonen Buzz. No word yet on who the publisher is. Boys love fans should cross their fingers for the subsequent licensing of Y Square‘s sequel, Y Square PLUS.

Judith Park is also joining the other Chibi artists and going on tour. The dates are as follows.
April 16 – Berlin (J-Store)
April 17 – Magdeburg (Comic-Kobinat)
April 18 – Frankfurt am Main (T3)
April 19 – Darmstadt (Thalia)
April 20 – Gießen (Karstadt)
April 21 – Koeln (Mayersche)

Chibi also has a contest up on its site, now. You can win a Nintendo DS, an exclusive Chibi-bag, or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. You’ll probably need a German address, though.

Chibi & Fireangels news

March 15, 2007

Leipzig Bookfair is approaching! A number of books are being released just in time for the event, including the first Chibi box. When they were first unveiled, a number of fans weren’t fond of the cover designs, and expressed their dislike in the Carlsen forums. Perhaps in response to that, the cover of Judith Park’s LUXUS has been changed (the old version is still visible on Amazon)… though hers was the cover most people said looked best!

Fireangels Verlag has added two licensed works to their line-up, which were originally published in English by Yaoi Press. Lime Law 2 should also be coming out this month, and for those interested in applying, Fireangels is always looking for more submissions (English page is here).

From Schwarzer Turm, Hungry Hearts v1 and Paper Theatre 5 should be coming out in time for Leipzig Bookfair as well.

Carlsen – GO KIDS

March 6, 2007

Aside from their news on the Chibi front, Carlsen has revealed GO KIDS, a shounen adventure along the lines of One Piece. It’s written and drawn by Zhe Zhang, and volume one (192 pages) will be released on March 23, and a second volume, which will finish the first story arc, is already in production, with more planned if sales are good. An online reading sample is available here.

GO KIDS v1 is available for pre-order on Amazon.de here, with the ISBN 978-3551736710.

The German manga masterlist has been updated.

Paper Theatre 5 preview

March 5, 2007


Tina Lindhorst, artist of Drachenschnee (one of the Chibis that should be coming out in May), has updated her gallery with a few sample pages (click “next” for more- pages are right-to-left) from an upcoming short story that will be in Paper Theatre 5, from Schwarzer Turm. The story is by Franziska Steffen, as is Drachenschnee. She also mentions that she’ll be doing the cover image for this volume of the ongoing anthology.