Licensing & Chibi news

March 15, 2007

From the Daisuki newsletter: Judith Park’s Y Square has been licensed for release in America! This is the first of Carlsen’s original series to be picked up for English release, and it joins Tokyopop’s Gothic Sports and Yonen Buzz. No word yet on who the publisher is. Boys love fans should cross their fingers for the subsequent licensing of Y Square‘s sequel, Y Square PLUS.

Judith Park is also joining the other Chibi artists and going on tour. The dates are as follows.
April 16 – Berlin (J-Store)
April 17 – Magdeburg (Comic-Kobinat)
April 18 – Frankfurt am Main (T3)
April 19 – Darmstadt (Thalia)
April 20 – Gießen (Karstadt)
April 21 – Koeln (Mayersche)

Chibi also has a contest up on its site, now. You can win a Nintendo DS, an exclusive Chibi-bag, or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. You’ll probably need a German address, though.


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