Tokyopop March Newsletter

March 19, 2007

For those interested in the Gothic Sports & Pink Psycho/In the End merchandise, a picture was released with the Tokyopop Newsletter, and can be seen here.

Those same two series are also the first German manga to be released… in Japanese.  They’ve joined the ranks of a number of US-Tokyopop series, and are now being released on mobile phones in Japan.  Yonen Buzz and Summer Rain should both soon join them.

Last but not least, a preview of Yaru is now available on the Tokyopop site’s Manga Player.  Also up is more Grimms Manga.


3 Responses to “Tokyopop March Newsletter”

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  2. Mary Says:

    Sorry, there is a mistake with Yaru Chapter One in the Tpop mannga player. We’re working with Tokyopop to get this sorted out and the manga player will be changed tomorrow. Some of the pages are old and will not be in the book.

    Mary Hildebrandt (Lime)

  3. Mary Says:


    The book Yaru was done while on dialysis and post transplant some pages were revamped. I was really sick at the beginning of the book. Guess I could have left them as it shows huge shifts and the transformation that occurred in our lives. This was the second book ( Evergrey is the other manga) David and I created during the dialysis and kidney transplant journey. Yaru is certainly a visual document of our most incredible life experience and you can actually see the shift in illustration, layout and storytelling through the entire book ( Hey dialysis, transplant and tons of life saving drugs can do that to ya!). For us, working on both Evergrey and Yaru was and continues to be a healing process and it shows. In the story we delve into metaphysical realms, the supernatural, life after death, Egyptian Afterlife ( Yaru means Golden Fields of the Egyptian Afterlife) ghosts sprinkled with the usual struggles in teen romance and trying to figure out where one belongs in this world.

    No worries, it’s not heavy…just a lot of humor, romance, darkness and light, with an abundance of weirdness and the perfect mix of strange, cute and bizarre characters



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