Odds and Ends

March 28, 2007

Volume 13 of EMA’s free sampler, Shinkan, is now available for download on their site.  Part four (pages 120-150, but remember: Japanese direction!) includes a number of pages from Musouka, a boys love story by Diana Liesaus, and Gott Gauss, by Viviane & Bruno Cotting; both are new German manga, and soon to be released!  Gott Gauss is listed as being a single volume, while Musouka will be continued in later volumes.  There are also a few pin-ups from Independent volume 3, by DuO, so be sure to check it out!

Want more previews?  Kappa Maki volume 1 has one up!  For those unaware of it, Kappa Maki is a new anthology of “German doujinshi” (this volume’s theme: comedy) which is only sold at cons and on the publisher’s site. Anike Hage (Gothic Sports) did the cover of volume one, and eleven short stories fill the anthology, including one by Nam & Tram Nguyen (Delilah’s Mystery).

We’ve updated the Master List of German Manga with quite a few new additions, and gave the Licensed Abroad page a make-over, with lots of new info… but there’s still lots we’re missing!  Let us know if you have any idea who the publishers that have licensed these works are.

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