Artists for Chibi round two have been announced… or leaked out, as it seems. The following creators have 64p books coming out in September:

Make a DateAlexandra Voelker (Catwalk, from EMA)
Im Namen des Sohnes – Zofia Garden (various one shots in Daisuki
Twins Love PanicDoerte Detlaff
Kensei – Christian Pick
E-MotionalMartina Peters (K-A-E 29th Secret, from Fireangels)
Strike BackOlga Rogalski (Triple Witching Hour, from Tokyopop)

The post has been edited to include the titles.

EMA- new licenses

March 3, 2007

According to AnimeY, EMA has some licensing news. It seems that Orcus Star will come out in France from a small publisher, and Independent will soon appear in Spain.