Gothic Sports ch2 Online

April 26, 2007 now has the English version of chapter two of Gothic Sports online for your free reading pleasure! You’ll need an account to read more than a few pages, though.

You can pre-order volume one here, or grab a copies in stores starting May 8.


Schwarzer Turm’s third “Turm Manga Spezial”, the erotic anthology Hungry Hearts 1, is now in stock at!

Buy a copy and let me know what you think of my story, Fingerspitzen. ;3

Gothic Sports News

April 22, 2007

Gothic Sports volume three should be coming out this September– you can see a preview of the cover here. With the cover comes a big announcement:

As some of you may have already noticed, Gothic Sports is now appearing as a color comic in a newspaper insert for the daily papers of the WAZ Group, with a total print run of 1.1 million. This should definitely make Anike Hage the biggest European manga-artist with the biggest audience.

To celebrate, we will provide any book handlers who order a large amount of book 3 with cool cell-phone cleaners, which can be passed out for free with the books. Be sure to ask your book stores to take part ahead of time, so you can get one of the desired goodies.

More news about Gothic Sports is promised in the next newsletter!

A special Tokyopop newsletter was just sent out, and there’s enough info that we’ll be making two posts! There’s licensing news, announcements of new series, and info about upcoming volumes of ongoing series– the German announcements can be found here, though we’ve taken our info from the emailed newsletter, which gives more information.

First off, a bit of licensing news: “Global manga” series The Dreaming (Queenie Chan) and Bizenghast (M. Alice LeGrow) will soon be released in German. Bizenghast is listed as having a release date in November, and neither book is up on Amazon yet. We’ll be sure to let you know once they’re available for pre-order! See this list for which global works have been licensed in Germany.

Iscel v3 (by Detta Zimmermann) should be released in September, so now is the time to go out and get a copy of volume one or two and get ready for it. Again, there’s no ISBN or Amazon page up yet, so we’ll post it as soon as it’s up. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Tokyopop news page for a look at the cover!

Another cover you should take a look at is that of Kleiner Thor, a new series by Kim Schmidt that Tokyopop will be releasing. Here’s what Tokyopop has to say about this anticipated title:

Kim Schmidt has been one of the most successful comic and cartoon artists in Germany for many years, and is especially known in the North due to his series Local Heroes. Patrick Wirbeleit has also dedicated his life to drawing, but every once in a while, he also works as a fantastical childrens’ book author. Together, the two have created a comic series inspired by the epic storytelling style of manga. It hasn’t even been published yet, but it’s already attracted the attention of foreign publishers.
Kleiner Thor explores the made up childhood of the norse god, Thor (yes, the one with the hammer :-)), who was sent to Earth by his father, Odin, in order to understand humans. This is to prepare him for his later duties, as a change of power is approaching in Valhalla, and Thor is supposed to take his father’s throne as soon as possible. Thor lives in a little viking village, but unfortunately, his magical sword is stolen! Even without its help, he’s willing to face lots of exciting adventures…
A preview will be up on Manga Player starting in June, and volume one will be in stores in August!

Looks like we’re being linked to from Tokyopop US’s “Creator Profile” on Anike Hage (Gothic Sports)… Thanks! And welcome to anyone who’s found us that way. There’s a slight misspelling of her name, but only once. ;D Interestingly, the profile is also only visible on the “Online Manga” info, rather than the one in the “Books” section, for those interested in finding it in the future.

For those interested, here’s Tokyopop’s profile on Christina Plaka, author of Yonen Buzz. (The other version is here— this one gets the name of Carlsen right!). The first few volumes of Yonen Buzz are currently out in English, and we have volume 1– we’ll try to get a review up sometime if people are interested! Let us know.

While we’re busy mentioning small mistakes… the US Amazon page for Gothic Sports v1 strangely lists the book description of My Dead Girlfriend… Ignore that when making your purchase!

Newsletter News

April 20, 2007

A number of newsletters were just sent out, so here’s what we found of interest:

The DAISUKI newsletter has a great picture of the next issue’s cover… across which are spread characters from their new series Idol, by Stella Brandner.

Introducing Damien, Nate, Sullivan and Eric, from SUB FOUR!
In “Idol”, the new manga from Stella Brandner, the American rock band is touring through Germany– and you’re there live! In the new DAISUKI, you’ll meet these cute guys and get to see who they are deep down in a big “Close Up” special!
Which of the cute guys will become the biggest heartthrob, is, of course, up to you! But the decision will definitely not be easy– they’re all delicious!

You can buy this issue of Daisuki here, through

Carlsen’s normal newsletter comes with some great news about the Chibi line– the reception has been so great that all 5 stories are already being reprinted!
The Chibi tour continues, with new autograph sessions:
May 16, 5:30pm at GONDROM in Ulm – Michael Rühle (Geeks)
May 19, 2pm at MORAWA in Salzburg’s Europark – Melanie Schober (Raccoon)

Tokyopop also sent out a newsletter. It looks like the Manga Fieber 3 is being released, so be sure to grab it. Manga Fieber is an anthology of up-and-coming German manga talent, but unlike Tokyopop US’s Rising Stars of Manga, it isn’t an annual contest. The artists and stories that make up this volume are as follows:

Kou Akaiwa – Hanabi – Feuerwerk
Jelka & Rieka Blendermann – Leckerbissen
Claudia Flor – Sivans Quest
Irina Frisorger – Emily mit dem Glasherz
Janine Goerss – Break Away
Anja Kesting – Manga Heaven
Simone Xie – Zeichensprache

Reading samples of each story can be found on Tokyopop’s Manga Player! Summaries are available, so if you’re interested in any of the short stories in particular, let us know and we can translate them.

Grimms Manga is also finally being released, so pick that up here! Also coming out: Yaru volume 1.

Looks like the new preview of Gothic Sports caught the attention of some of the big bloggers! You can find mention of it at Publishers Weekly’s The Beat. While it does get some pretty good feedback, the question of format is immediately brought up, to no great surprise. “Global manga” tends to be (severely!) frowned upon in the US when they go so far as being written in the Japanese reading direction.

Interestingly, in interviews we’ve read and taken part in in the past, all signs point to the reading direction being primarily the choice of the artist, not the publisher. Some works, like those which ran in Daisuki alongside Japanese series, and possibly Chibi, may need to be consistent in the reading direction, but Tokyopop Germany lets their artists decide (as is seen in Evergrey and Yaru, which are both left-to-right). All books put out by Tokyopop USA, on the other hand, must be in Western reading direction.

Gothic Sports has the place of honor on the front of! The English version of the first volume comes out on May 8, and to up the hype, TP is offering a free preview of the entire first chapter! You’ll have to sign up for an account in order to read it, but it’s not much work. Be sure to “pop” it and support Anike Hage’s English debut!
The chapter is currently up “backwards”, however— none of the pages have been flipped, but they are in left-to-right order. We let them know, so they should hopefully fix this soon… Yonen Buzz’s preview has been backwards for quite some time.  It’s been fixed! Go forth and enjoy.

We’d like to give a nod to Same Hat, Same Hat, an English language blog which recently posted about Judith Park and the German manga scene! Be sure to check it out; there’s plenty of pictures and links.

From the same post came news we didn’t about: Jeff Smith (Bones) posted in his blog last October about his time at Frankfurt Bookfair, which he spent with Anike Hage! Be sure to check the link out for a drawing Anike did of Anya & one of Jeff’s characters with a soccer ball head.

There’s a new interview up with Tokyopop artist Anike Hage (Gothic Sports— also available in English). Volume 2 was just released, and when asked about how long she thinks Gothic Sports will end up being, she says:

I don’t know exactly. I think I’d need a few more volumes if I want to get everything in there, though some things can be discarded (only in case of emergency, of course)!

The rest of the interview deals with her family’s reaction to her career, prejudice she runs into, where she got the idea for Gothic Sports from, etc. If there’s anything you want us to translate, let us know.

In other news, volume 3 of the English-language version of Christina Plaka’s Yonen Buzz is now available for pre-order on Amazon with a release date of October 9.  For links to the first two volumes and other info on German manga licensed abroad, check out this list.

Boys’ love fans should look forward to Fireangels’ Lemon Law v1, an anthology that’s a bit more… hard core than Lime Law, which currently has two volumes out.  Those interested should check out Dee’s y!gallery for a few sample pages of her story.

Martina Peters, author/artist of K-A-E 29th Secret, also published by Fireangels, is one of the artists in Chibi’s “box 2”, but it’s been revealed that despite her history of boys’ love stories, her Chibi book, E-Motional, isn’t of that genre.  Carlsen does list it under “romance”, though, and provides the following description.

Jade daydreams a lot, and prefers sitting in front of his computer instead of meeting with friends.   One day he finds a little box with a clock and a note.  The little box supposedly holds a soul that needs to be given to its new host.  At first he thinks it’s a joke, but soon things grow serious…

Sascha Schätzchen, author of EMA’s Without Identity, has created a new “modern version” of an old medieval legend.  The manga, titled Pax Animae: Der Meister und der Mangaka (the master & the mangaka), will be available only in a limited edition of 300 signed copies, and can only be purchased online or at the Wallraf Richartz Museum shop.  It costs 19.90, and will be released April 16.  To order it online, you have to use the special order form found here.  The site also has sample pages for those interested.

Saint Ursula is pissed at how her martyrdom is being marketed, and returns to her hometown of Cologne, an angry heroine, to take revenge.

In other EMA-artist news, Alexander Völker (Catwalk) and DuO (Independent) will be appearing at AniGraz on April 14 from 2-11pm.