Fireangels, Chibi, & EMA

April 4, 2007

Boys’ love fans should look forward to Fireangels’ Lemon Law v1, an anthology that’s a bit more… hard core than Lime Law, which currently has two volumes out.  Those interested should check out Dee’s y!gallery for a few sample pages of her story.

Martina Peters, author/artist of K-A-E 29th Secret, also published by Fireangels, is one of the artists in Chibi’s “box 2”, but it’s been revealed that despite her history of boys’ love stories, her Chibi book, E-Motional, isn’t of that genre.  Carlsen does list it under “romance”, though, and provides the following description.

Jade daydreams a lot, and prefers sitting in front of his computer instead of meeting with friends.   One day he finds a little box with a clock and a note.  The little box supposedly holds a soul that needs to be given to its new host.  At first he thinks it’s a joke, but soon things grow serious…

Sascha Schätzchen, author of EMA’s Without Identity, has created a new “modern version” of an old medieval legend.  The manga, titled Pax Animae: Der Meister und der Mangaka (the master & the mangaka), will be available only in a limited edition of 300 signed copies, and can only be purchased online or at the Wallraf Richartz Museum shop.  It costs 19.90, and will be released April 16.  To order it online, you have to use the special order form found here.  The site also has sample pages for those interested.

Saint Ursula is pissed at how her martyrdom is being marketed, and returns to her hometown of Cologne, an angry heroine, to take revenge.

In other EMA-artist news, Alexander Völker (Catwalk) and DuO (Independent) will be appearing at AniGraz on April 14 from 2-11pm.


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