Anike Hage interview, Yonen Buzz in America

April 8, 2007

There’s a new interview up with Tokyopop artist Anike Hage (Gothic Sports— also available in English). Volume 2 was just released, and when asked about how long she thinks Gothic Sports will end up being, she says:

I don’t know exactly. I think I’d need a few more volumes if I want to get everything in there, though some things can be discarded (only in case of emergency, of course)!

The rest of the interview deals with her family’s reaction to her career, prejudice she runs into, where she got the idea for Gothic Sports from, etc. If there’s anything you want us to translate, let us know.

In other news, volume 3 of the English-language version of Christina Plaka’s Yonen Buzz is now available for pre-order on Amazon with a release date of October 9.  For links to the first two volumes and other info on German manga licensed abroad, check out this list.


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