Gothic Sports English Preview

April 10, 2007

Gothic Sports has the place of honor on the front of! The English version of the first volume comes out on May 8, and to up the hype, TP is offering a free preview of the entire first chapter! You’ll have to sign up for an account in order to read it, but it’s not much work. Be sure to “pop” it and support Anike Hage’s English debut!
The chapter is currently up “backwards”, however— none of the pages have been flipped, but they are in left-to-right order. We let them know, so they should hopefully fix this soon… Yonen Buzz’s preview has been backwards for quite some time.  It’s been fixed! Go forth and enjoy.

We’d like to give a nod to Same Hat, Same Hat, an English language blog which recently posted about Judith Park and the German manga scene! Be sure to check it out; there’s plenty of pictures and links.

From the same post came news we didn’t about: Jeff Smith (Bones) posted in his blog last October about his time at Frankfurt Bookfair, which he spent with Anike Hage! Be sure to check the link out for a drawing Anike did of Anya & one of Jeff’s characters with a soccer ball head.


One Response to “Gothic Sports English Preview”

  1. They’re both in the correct orientation now.

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