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April 20, 2007

A number of newsletters were just sent out, so here’s what we found of interest:

The DAISUKI newsletter has a great picture of the next issue’s cover… across which are spread characters from their new series Idol, by Stella Brandner.

Introducing Damien, Nate, Sullivan and Eric, from SUB FOUR!
In “Idol”, the new manga from Stella Brandner, the American rock band is touring through Germany– and you’re there live! In the new DAISUKI, you’ll meet these cute guys and get to see who they are deep down in a big “Close Up” special!
Which of the cute guys will become the biggest heartthrob, is, of course, up to you! But the decision will definitely not be easy– they’re all delicious!

You can buy this issue of Daisuki here, through

Carlsen’s normal newsletter comes with some great news about the Chibi line– the reception has been so great that all 5 stories are already being reprinted!
The Chibi tour continues, with new autograph sessions:
May 16, 5:30pm at GONDROM in Ulm – Michael Rühle (Geeks)
May 19, 2pm at MORAWA in Salzburg’s Europark – Melanie Schober (Raccoon)

Tokyopop also sent out a newsletter. It looks like the Manga Fieber 3 is being released, so be sure to grab it. Manga Fieber is an anthology of up-and-coming German manga talent, but unlike Tokyopop US’s Rising Stars of Manga, it isn’t an annual contest. The artists and stories that make up this volume are as follows:

Kou Akaiwa – Hanabi – Feuerwerk
Jelka & Rieka Blendermann – Leckerbissen
Claudia Flor – Sivans Quest
Irina Frisorger – Emily mit dem Glasherz
Janine Goerss – Break Away
Anja Kesting – Manga Heaven
Simone Xie – Zeichensprache

Reading samples of each story can be found on Tokyopop’s Manga Player! Summaries are available, so if you’re interested in any of the short stories in particular, let us know and we can translate them.

Grimms Manga is also finally being released, so pick that up here! Also coming out: Yaru volume 1.


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