Tokyopop US – Creator Profiles

April 20, 2007

Looks like we’re being linked to from Tokyopop US’s “Creator Profile” on Anike Hage (Gothic Sports)… Thanks! And welcome to anyone who’s found us that way. There’s a slight misspelling of her name, but only once. ;D Interestingly, the profile is also only visible on the “Online Manga” info, rather than the one in the “Books” section, for those interested in finding it in the future.

For those interested, here’s Tokyopop’s profile on Christina Plaka, author of Yonen Buzz. (The other version is here— this one gets the name of Carlsen right!). The first few volumes of Yonen Buzz are currently out in English, and we have volume 1– we’ll try to get a review up sometime if people are interested! Let us know.

While we’re busy mentioning small mistakes… the US Amazon page for Gothic Sports v1 strangely lists the book description of My Dead Girlfriend… Ignore that when making your purchase!


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