Tokyopop updates

May 17, 2007

To start things off, here’s Tokyopop’s release calendar for the next few months:

May 2007:
Grimms Manga – Keiko Ishiyama
Iscel v3 – Detta Zimmermann
Yaru v1 – Lime Manga

July 2007:
Yonen Buzz v3 – Christina Plaka

September 2007:
Gothic Sports v3 – Anike Hage
Gothic Sports 2008 Calendar
Kleiner Thor v1 – Kim Schmidt & Patrick Wirbeleit

November 2007:
Evergrey v2 – Lime Manga

Of note is Yaru v1– Splashcomics has put up a special article, so German readers should check it out. Also of note… the upcoming Gothic Sports calendar! We haven’t been able to find any note of it other than its presence on Amazon, but we’ll let you know when we get more information.

And I’m sure some of you are getting sick of hearing about Gothic Sports in the US… well, we’re not shutting up about it quite yet. Here’s another review of volume 1 from!

 The title may not be able to keep momentum going but this is a strong start — and of course, I like the uniforms. I’m giving Gothic Sports 4 marks out of 5.

What we’re most confused about is the repeated mention of “girls soccer team” floating around… Last we checked, there were at least 3 guys on Anya’s team, right? Maybe we just missed something, heh…

EMA’s posted their fall/winter program in their forums, and there’s some exciting news. It looks like there’s a new single-volume manga in the works. The summary is from EMA’s pdf preview.

Fight – Kim Liersch & Roda Makmod (DiM€)
March 2008 – €6.00
ISBN: 978-3-7704-6859-1

 Tatsuro is a guy who can do everything… until one day, when he has his first bitter failure. Of all people, it’s a little girl who shows the self-obsessed kendo fighter that there are more important things in life than winning. Friends, for example, and the feeling of doing something good. DiM€ is made up of Roda Makmod and Kim Liersch from Wuppertal. FIGHT is their fast-paced manga debut, and it’s easily better than some Japanese works!

Musouka v2 and Gott Gauss v2 should both be coming out in March as well.

The most interesting news is the planned release of four “audio cds”– we’re assuming these are much like the Japanese “drama cds” that are sometimes released. The pdf preview linked above has cover art for those interested! The Cologne Cocomico Team does these CDs in cooperation with EMA.

Mon-Star Attack Audio-CD
Two volumes, 50 minutes each
€6.95 per CD
October 2007
pre-order on! one and two

Catwalk Audio-CD
Two volumes, 50 minutes each
€6.95 per CD
October 2007
pre-order on! one and two

Also new at Carlsen: two new full-length German manga, and collected versions of serials! Melanie Schober was the creator of Raccoon, which came out as part of Chibi Box 1. Y Square PLUS has been running in Daisuki for a while now, and is the sequel to Y Square… with a boys’ love twist! Idol is currently running in Daisuki.
Also of note: you can purchase a limited edition figure of Ju-Jin from Y Square on!

Y Square PLUS – Judith Park
ISBN: 978-3551787415
€6.00 – 200p
Release date: October 1, 2007

The chaos of feelings is spreading. Smart Yagate still can’t save himself from female admirers, but he actually has his eyes on handsome athlete Ra-Myun. He, however, is currently very close to Ju-Jin! Yoshitaka isn’t happy about that at all. Then Ju-Jin’s long-desired first photo shoot ends in a total fiasco… also contains instructions for the Korean card game Hanafuda!

Puppenkrise – René Scheibe
€6.00 – 192p
Release date: January 1, 2008

Doll crisis. Teddy, a teenager, is starting his first job. He wants to become a personal bodyguard, which is why he trains under Alexander. Their first job is to protect the daughter of a rich man, and by a twist of fate, almost all of the crooks in the area are soon after them…

Idol – Stella Brandner
ISBN: 978-3-551-74869-0
€6.00 – 200p
Release date: February 1, 2008

“Sub Four” on a Germany tour. The somewhat klutzy Elle has no money to buy a ticket to a concert of her absolute favorite band! What could be worse for a teenage girl than being so close and yet so far from her crush?! Entirely unexpectedly, Elle’s flatmate Sasha, a model, pulls out two tickets for the concert in Dormund [sic]. Elle can hardly believe her luck…

Personal Paradise – Melanie Schober
ISBN: 978-3-551-78744-6
€6.00 – 196p
Release date: February 1, 2008

In the not-so-distant future, cities are ruled by government-run teenage gangs, and those not part of a gang are branded as outcasts. The quiet and mysterious Julian is one of these outcasts, as is pretty Anna. When Julian saves Anna from being beat up by one of the gangs, trouble starts to stir.

Carlsen Chibi Box 2!

May 17, 2007

Carlsen Manga has put up pages for some of their upcoming “Chibi box 2” titles, so those interested in the format should check these links out. Box 2 comes out in September, and each 64 page book costs €1.95. Missing from the list is Olga Rogalski’s Strike Back.

Kensei – Christian Pick – ISBN: 978-3-551-66008-4

In Names des Sohnes – Zofia Garden – ISBN: 978-3-551-66009-1
A city is threatened by a volcano. According to a prophecy, only the sacrifice of the son of the wind god can keep it from erupting. The friends Victor and Freo founded a group of rebels that fights against the evil prophet. … Does he really want to save this city and its inhabitants? Victor has strong doubts…

E-Motional – Martina Peters – ISBN: 978-3551660107
Jade daydreams a lot, and prefers sitting in front of his computer instead of meeting with friends.   One day he finds a little box with a clock and a note.  The little box supposedly holds a soul that needs to be given to its new host.  At first he thinks it’s a joke, but soon things grow serious…

Twins Love Panic – Dörte Dettlaff – ISBN: 978-3551660060
The twins Kitty and Katt are one heart and one soul. One day, Katt, the younger of the two, is pictured on the cover of a magazine. Their dad does not approve, but Kitty wants to help Katt and claims that she’s the one in the photo. This game of confusion has quite a few consequences, as the cute Leon is interested in the girl on the cover…

Make a Date – Alexandra Völker – ISBN: 978-3-551-66011-4

Gothic Sports ch5

May 15, 2007

As I’m sure some of you have expected– Gothic Sports ch5 is now up on Tokyopop’s online manga player. Make sure you read each chapter as it goes up, as it gets “locked” at the end of the week!

Fans of Gothic Sports should be sure to check out an exclusive interview with Anike Hage that has just put up. Non-German fans in particular may find some of the questions interesting, like the info about German highschools and sports teams. And, of course, there’s the questions we’ve all just been dying to ask:

TOKYOPOP: Does the fact that the Goths were an Eastern Germanic tribe who fought against the Romans in the first half of the first millenium A.D. have any effect on the perception of Goth culture in modern Germany?

As always, the English version of Gothic Sports v1 can be bought here!

Tokyopop USA has put up chapter 4 of Gothic Sports on their Manga Player, so check it out! Volume one is now in stock on Amazon.

Marie Sann (artist of Sketchbook Berlin) willbe at a Manga Workshop in Berlin on May 19th, from 4-7pm. More info can be found at her blog.

You read that correctly– Schwarzer Turm is taking part in “Free Comic Book Day” by offering 5 free copies of Paper Theatre v5 in their forum! Answer five multiple choice questions (post your answers in this thread) before midnight. Good luck, and never fear: if you lose or aren’t eligible to enter, you can buy a copy of Paper Theater v5 here.

Also free: Schwarzer Turm’s anthology Kappa Maki has posted a complete story from volume 1 as a pdf! A Punk’s Tale is by Stella Brandner, who is currently working on IDOL, an ongoing story running in Carlsen’s monthly anthology Daisuki. May’s issue, which contains chapter 1, can be bought here.
In other Schwarzer Turm news, they recently posted samples from Tokyopop’s Manga Fieber v3. Check out the post for samples from artists who have been published in Schwarzer Turm’s various anthologies!

Tokyopop Yaru Trailer

May 4, 2007

Lime Manga, the studio behind Tokyopop’s Evergrey and Yaru, has just posted an animated color trailer just in time for the release of Yaru v1– check it out here.

Both Yaru v1 and Evergrey v1 are available on

Gothic Sports ch3 is up on Tokyopop’s Manga Player, for those who’re following the English release! Volume 1 comes out next week, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Speaking of which, the first English-language review is up at Prospero’s Manga. The ranking score is below average, which seems to be due to it having a typical sports story. Not having read v2 myself, I can’t say whether or not Gothic Sports begins to break from this mold after the initial set-up. One part of the review did make me a bit curious:

In fact, in this first volume there is little to tell you that this was first released in Germany. Perhaps that’s proof of the saying that there are no new stories …

I can’t help but think this may just be because as manga-readers, we’re used to stories that take place in a cultural setting that is at times vastly different from our own. Germany (and Western European culture in general) is hardly as different from America as we might imagine.

Speaking of Tokyopop licenses, the German versions of The Dreaming v1 and Bizenghast v1 are both available for pre-order now, with a release date of November.