ST does Free Comic Book Day!

May 5, 2007

You read that correctly– Schwarzer Turm is taking part in “Free Comic Book Day” by offering 5 free copies of Paper Theatre v5 in their forum! Answer five multiple choice questions (post your answers in this thread) before midnight. Good luck, and never fear: if you lose or aren’t eligible to enter, you can buy a copy of Paper Theater v5 here.

Also free: Schwarzer Turm’s anthology Kappa Maki has posted a complete story from volume 1 as a pdf! A Punk’s Tale is by Stella Brandner, who is currently working on IDOL, an ongoing story running in Carlsen’s monthly anthology Daisuki. May’s issue, which contains chapter 1, can be bought here.
In other Schwarzer Turm news, they recently posted samples from Tokyopop’s Manga Fieber v3. Check out the post for samples from artists who have been published in Schwarzer Turm’s various anthologies!


One Response to “ST does Free Comic Book Day!”

  1. Ortwin Says:

    Damn, those are some questions! :D Well, I’ll get PT5 anyway since I’ve got a subscription… If only it would come out already.

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