Tokyopop updates

May 17, 2007

To start things off, here’s Tokyopop’s release calendar for the next few months:

May 2007:
Grimms Manga – Keiko Ishiyama
Iscel v3 – Detta Zimmermann
Yaru v1 – Lime Manga

July 2007:
Yonen Buzz v3 – Christina Plaka

September 2007:
Gothic Sports v3 – Anike Hage
Gothic Sports 2008 Calendar
Kleiner Thor v1 – Kim Schmidt & Patrick Wirbeleit

November 2007:
Evergrey v2 – Lime Manga

Of note is Yaru v1– Splashcomics has put up a special article, so German readers should check it out. Also of note… the upcoming Gothic Sports calendar! We haven’t been able to find any note of it other than its presence on Amazon, but we’ll let you know when we get more information.

And I’m sure some of you are getting sick of hearing about Gothic Sports in the US… well, we’re not shutting up about it quite yet. Here’s another review of volume 1 from!

 The title may not be able to keep momentum going but this is a strong start — and of course, I like the uniforms. I’m giving Gothic Sports 4 marks out of 5.

What we’re most confused about is the repeated mention of “girls soccer team” floating around… Last we checked, there were at least 3 guys on Anya’s team, right? Maybe we just missed something, heh…

One Response to “Tokyopop updates”

  1. Matt Blind Says:

    I think you can track down the “girls team” bit to a bias that American readers have: in high school — while the occasional girl will be, say, a place kicker or something on the (american) football team — for the most part sports are strictly segregated by gender —

    The better model is perhaps college intramural sports, which are often co-ed. Given the ages of the characters, I erred and made a few assumptions based on my own high school experience.

    When I review volume two I’ll be sure to make a note of this, and of course after a careful re-reading I may just have to post a correction for the review that is up.

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