June 3, 2007

Schwarzer Turm‘s Freibeutershop is worth checking out this week for two reasons!
Kappa Maki‘s second print run (better print quality and enhanced cover) is available now, and if you order a copy by July 31, your name is entered into a lottery for a poster of the cover (drawn by Anike Hage, artist of Gothic Sports) signed by most of the participating artists. Remember that Kappa Maki is available only at conventions and at Freibeutershop!
Another rarely found item is Animexx’s MangaMixx vol.3, also sold through Freibeutershop. This volume contains the following stories:
Eoin (Nicole „Nickl“ Gadomski)
No Entry (Prin & Umi Konbu)
Ein Stück Wahnsinn (Bruno Cotting & Viviane)
Der kleine Baka (Nadja „Nadja-Chan” Iljina & Aylin „ORANGE-STAR“ Yesilyurt)
Die Flut (Olivia „VenusKaio“ Vieweg)
The Toyfactory (Nicole Schoening)
Friedrich (Stefanie „PinkuBiscuit“ Gaul, Maria „Rotes_Hubawabuba“ Schuck, Eileen Wolter)
A basic magic known as Daydreaming (Galateja Jordakieva)
Ring Frei (Karla „Fenomena“ Groth)
Katana (René Heinen)
Zoe – Der Erlöser (Heidi „Sanaya“ Reyer)
Nichts ist unmöglich (Valyd & Jane Looschen)
The Promise (Kou „hayakamu“ Aikawa) 
as well as micro-doujinshis by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Nina Ruzika, Johanna „Onichanjo“ Kohler, Jens „JoKeR“ Konnerth and Harald „Dontoraneko“ Kuhn.
242 pages total.

Go grab your copies today!

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