Y Square licensed by Yen Press

June 5, 2007

We’ve known for a while now that Carlsen had licensed out Judith Park’s Y Square to America, but we didn’t know who it was who’d snagged it. That’s finally been revealed! Yen Press, a new contender on the manga playing field, has announced since the beginning that they would be working on global work alongside licenses from Japan.

Yen has also secured North America rights to publish Y Square from Judith Park, “the best-selling manga-ka in Germany.” Available in December, Y Square tells the tale of a young man who can’t attract women and finally asks his babe-magnet rival for pointers. Yen’s Co-Publishing Director Kurt Hassler says, “Fans of Dramacon will eat this up.”

So far we’ve been unable to find it on Amazon (unsurprisingly, given the title), and as Yen Press doesn’t yet have a site, we have no way of looking there for an ISBN. If anyone has anymore information, let us know!


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