The new issue of Daisuki is out, and in it you can find an interesting  report about Julia Briemle, one of 16 students at Hamburg’s Animation School on her way to becoming a professional comic artist. If you always wondered how a comic page is made, what skills you should pick up in school, how to apply and what a comic student’s everyday life is like, pick up a copy!

Carlsen’s free Manga Preview magazine is definitely worth picking up, this issue contains an exclusive short manga by Olga Rogalski (Triple Witching Hour, Strike Back).

There’s also a lot of opportunities to meet the Carlsen and Chibi mangaka:

Tina Lindhorst (Drachenschnee) will be at Manga-Mania in Berlin’s shopping center “Das Schloss” on August 4th.
Nam and Tram Nguyen (Delilah’s Mystery) will be signing in the Schlapp bookstore in Aschaffenburg on August 11. The “Manga-Event” starts at 12pm, offers much more than just the signing, and entrance is free!
Stella Brander (Idol) is going to be at some of the Mayersche bookstores in Nordrhein-Westfalen. On Friday, August 17, she will be signing from 4 to 9pm in Cologne’s Mayersche, on Saturday, August 18, it’s Bochum’s Mayersche from 1 to 5pm, and on Saturday, August 25, you can meet Stella in Dortmund’s Mayersche from 1 to 5pm.
Martina Peters (K-A-E, E-motional), Olga Rogalski (Strike Back, Triple Witching Hour) and Christian Pick (Kensei) will be signing freshly printed Chibis in Cologen’s Mayersche bookstore from 2 to 4pm.


EMA newsletter July

July 21, 2007

EMA recently sent out its July newsletter, and there is lots of news.
Diana Liesaus’ BL manga Musouka is in stores now, so grab your own copy! If you like Musouka, be sure to check out one of the numerous events where Diana will be signing Duo (Mon-Star Attack, Independant) and Alexandra Völker (Catwalk). DuO and Alexandra are going on a tour through Nordrhein-Westfalen’s Mayersche bookstores. A complete, very long list of dates and locations can be found here.
Staying with Duo, Independant vol. 2 is out now!