More Tokyopop Updates

August 20, 2007

Tokyopop’s new series have pages and ISBNs now, for those interested. We’ll let you know when they go up on Amazon.

Tylsim – ISBN: 978-3-86719-215-6 (though on Amazon, it lists a different Tokyopop book with the same ISBN)
Daemonenjunge Lain – ISBN: 978-3-86719-299-6
Stupid Story – ISBN: 978-3- 86719-316-0
Liberty- Raised out of Dirt – ISBN: 978-3-86719-341-2 – €16.00
Yonen Buzz United – ISBN: 978-3-86719-350-4

Also of note are a number of new global manga Tokyopop has licensed for release in German— alongside the normal titles from their US branch is an 8 volume work from France, Pink Diary.

Pink Diary, by Jenny – v1 ISBN: 978-3-86719-301-6 – 12/2007
Sorcerers & Secretaries, by Amy Kim Ganter – v1 ISBN: 978-3-86719-309-2 – 01/2008
12 Days, by June Kim – ISBN: 978-3-86719-311-5 – 12/2007

Lastly, Tokyopop looks to be enjoying the success of Grimms Manga, and has decided to rerelease the single volume work. The new book will be hardcover, contain unpublished material, and have one other surprise. There’s no word yet on how much the new release will cost. The soft-cover can still be bought here.


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