New Carlsen 2 vol Manga

November 19, 2007

Carlsen just sent out their newsletter!

KEYLA from Nicole Klementz & Nhung Vu
Planned for two volumes, we present KEYLA, a fantasy global manga that’s rockin’. Volume one appears in April!

Judith Park signing session in Koblenz
Saturday, December 8, 1-4pm at the Sammlerecke in Koblenz. This’s where we’ll be reserving a copy, if we can. ^^
Sammlerecke Koblenz
Hohenzollernstr. 40
56068 Koblenz

The winners of Manga Magie 2007
12-17 years old
1. Julia Kutsch (16) from Petersberg, won 500 Euro
2. Natalia Schiller (17) from Landsberg/Lech
3. Laura Fernandez Exposito (16) from Lahnau

18-26 years old
1. Team: Annelie Kretzschmar (22, from Berlin) / Maren Marmulla (19, from Dortmund), won 1,000 Euro
2. Anke Grunwald (19) from Leipzig
3. Luisa Velontrova (19) from Luckenwalde.

New Völker manga from EMA

November 19, 2007

According to AnimeY, Alexandra Völker has a new single-volume manga in the works. PARIS (working title) will be published by EMA, the publisher of her last series, Catwalk, and is currently planned to come out in June, 2008.

A little while ago, Schwarzer Turm announced they were working on an anthology of short comics inspired by the lyrics of Subway to Sally songs. The release date came and went, but now there’s a new announcement: the Subway to Sally Storybook is being published by EMA instead!

The book will be released in March 2008, and cost 10 Euros.

Covers & Artists

November 14, 2007

Which cover is better?! Tokyopop is wondering which cover the fans like best for the upcoming release of Stupid Story v1, by Anna Hollman (available March 2008). You’ve got til the end of the month to let them know which you prefer! We’re fans of version 1, personally. ;/

From AnimeY: The names of two of the artists taking part in Chibi box 3 have been revealed! Look forward to books from Natalia Zaitseva and Marika Herzog.

Yen Press Interview

November 8, 2007

YaoiSuki recently interviewed Yen Press, and there was a brief mention of Y Square and global BL. Who knows, maybe this is a hint that they’ll be licensing Y Square PLUS as well?

YS: Yen has some global manga in its repertoire, specifically Y Square by German-born Judith Park, as well as your acquisition of ICE Kunion’s manhwa titles. Do you have any plans to release global boys love manga?

KH: Funny you should mention Y SQUARE as I think it is a book that a lot of BL fans will truly appreciate. There are a couple of nods in there to the BL community as it were…and it’s just a hilarious book. So far as releasing BL from countries other than Japan is concerned, we’re really open to anything that reflects the artistic and storytelling quality we feel fans should expect. […]

Boys Love authors in Germany take note! You may be next~

The English version of Y Square can be purchased here.

Drama CDs Update

November 7, 2007

Both EMA and Carlsen have ventured into the realm of CD versions of their original series: EMA with Catwalk and Mon*Star Attack, and Carlsen with Dystopia and Y Square. Both publishers are working with Cocomico Records, and so far there are audio samples of Catwalk and Mon*Star Attack up for your listening pleasure.

You can purchase the CDs on by following these links:

Y Square Audio CD – ASIN: B000VWOUI0 – €7.95
Dystopia Audio CD – ASIN: tba – €7.95
Catwalk Audio CD 1 – ISBN: 978-3770468621 – €6.95
Audio CD 2
– ISBN: 978-3770468638 – €6.95
Mon-Star Attack Audio CD 1 – ISBN: 978-3770468645 – €6.95
Mon-Star Attack Audio CD 2 – ISBN: 978-3770468652 – €6.95

Carlsen Preview Short Manga

November 5, 2007

From AnimeY comes the news that Carlsen is publishing another one-shot manga in their upcoming Dec 2007  – March 2008 free manga preview. The story, Unglücks 13 (Unlucky 13), is by Natalia Zaitseva, who got second place in the 2006 MangaMagie.

Kappa Maki 2

November 4, 2007

The artists for the second volume of Schwarzer Turm’s anthology Kappa Maki have been announced! The cover of volume two will be by DuO, authors of MonStar Attack and Independent, and can be seen under the Kappa Maki section. They’ll be updating the Kappa Maki homepage soon with previews and info.

Hermann Geisler [ Ateru ]
Isabell Ristow [ Curse ]
Karla Groth [ Fenomena ]
Gerda Beuchel [ Gritti ]
[ SilverObsidian ] & [ Nashi ]
Verena Achenbach [ W-chan ]
Nana Yaa Kyere [ Yaa ]
Diane Ernzen [ yamatoking ]
Melanie Schober [ Blaue_Maus ]
Daniela Winkler [ FuXx ]
Stella Brandner [ PartTimeHeroine ]