New Releases & Chibi 3 from Carlsen

December 3, 2007

First: Chibi box 3! They’ll be released in April, at the same Chibi price of only €1.95. The fourth box will be released the following September.

UMBRA by Natalia Zaitseva
TURNOVER by Marika Paul
DIE SPUR by Helen Aerni
MASTERMINDS by Jeffrey Gold
LEGACY OF THE OCEAN by Marika Herzog
A DEMON’S KISS by Rebecca Jeltsch

ALLE GUTEN GEISTER by Laura Müller & Marco Paal
Volume 1 comes out August 2008, €6.

CHOCHIN by Franziska Steffen & Tina Lindhorst
Carlsen’s first global boys’ love title, out from the bestselling Chibi duo behind Drachenschnee. Chôchin is described as “shounan-ai, fantasy, dark, comedy” by its creators, and is a single volume work due out next September, also for €6.

keyla.jpgKEYLA by Nicole Klementz & Nhung Vu
A two volume work, Keyla is a suspenseful and humorous fantasy work, visually described as a mix between manga and Disney. Keyla is the first series by Nicole Klementz and Nhung Vu, and volume one comes out next April, for €6.

2 Responses to “New Releases & Chibi 3 from Carlsen”

  1. Keyla Grant Says:

    Is Keyla going to be released in the U.S.
    I love anime and would love to see this!!!

  2. Sol Estess Says:

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