According to AnimeY, Tokyopop announced that Marie Sann and Guido Neukamm have a new series in the works. Krähen (Crows) will be two volumes long, the first of which should be out by the end of the year.

The blog Manly Manga and More recently posted Carlsen’s Bestsellers for 2007— fans of Chibi should be excited to see that four titles made the top 20: Luxus, Drachenschnee, Raccoon, and White Pearl. All four are from the first Chibi set. The blog does mistakenly say that all Chibi titles use a super-deformed art style, though.

Quite a few books are set to come out at the annual Leipzig Bookfair. One of these is Schwarzer Turm’s Hungry Hearts v2, which contains a short story called “Zweigeteilt” that might be of interest to readers of this blog!

“Germangaka” article

March 14, 2008

German readers might be interested in an article recently published in the Bookfair-special edition of the Leipzig newspaper: Dragon Ball und die Folgen. According to the article, “Almost all up-and-coming German comic artists draw in this style.” It also lists some sales numbers for various authors, and gives summaries of the most well-known titles published.

Y Square English Review

March 11, 2008

The English reviews keep piling up!  Y Square has a new review up at Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review.

 I haven’t been a teenager for a long time and school is (thankfully) a distant memory as well. Consequently, there was nothing there that engaged me at all. I read the whole thing but there was nothing there that made me want to keep reading.

There’s another review of the English version of In the End up, this time at Prospero’s Manga.

This could have been an ugly look at the real world of abuse, but instead the author wants the reader to feel some kind of sympathy for Ren without putting enough work into describing Ren’s motivations.

Vote! Tokyopop RSOM8

March 8, 2008

Time for some very unabashed pimping!

I’m a finalist in Tokyopop USA’s Rising Stars of Manga 8! There are 21 finalists, only 8 genre winners, and 1 People’s Choice winner!
Voting went up last night, and you can take part by voting here! Voting will be open March 7 – 14.
There’s no need to register; all you need is an email address.

My entry is Crabapple Crush, a 16 page romance/drama.
Please vote if you like it!

– Niki (“Elae”, main blog writer here at Deutsche Mangaka)