First: Chibi box 3! They’ll be released in April, at the same Chibi price of only €1.95. The fourth box will be released the following September.

UMBRA by Natalia Zaitseva
TURNOVER by Marika Paul
DIE SPUR by Helen Aerni
MASTERMINDS by Jeffrey Gold
LEGACY OF THE OCEAN by Marika Herzog
A DEMON’S KISS by Rebecca Jeltsch

ALLE GUTEN GEISTER by Laura Müller & Marco Paal
Volume 1 comes out August 2008, €6.

CHOCHIN by Franziska Steffen & Tina Lindhorst
Carlsen’s first global boys’ love title, out from the bestselling Chibi duo behind Drachenschnee. Chôchin is described as “shounan-ai, fantasy, dark, comedy” by its creators, and is a single volume work due out next September, also for €6.

keyla.jpgKEYLA by Nicole Klementz & Nhung Vu
A two volume work, Keyla is a suspenseful and humorous fantasy work, visually described as a mix between manga and Disney. Keyla is the first series by Nicole Klementz and Nhung Vu, and volume one comes out next April, for €6.

Covers & Artists

November 14, 2007

Which cover is better?! Tokyopop is wondering which cover the fans like best for the upcoming release of Stupid Story v1, by Anna Hollman (available March 2008). You’ve got til the end of the month to let them know which you prefer! We’re fans of version 1, personally. ;/

From AnimeY: The names of two of the artists taking part in Chibi box 3 have been revealed! Look forward to books from Natalia Zaitseva and Marika Herzog.

On June 9 Judith Park (Dystopia, Y Square, Y Square Plus, Luxus) and Alexandra Völker (Catwalk) will be signing their books at Comix in Hannover, starting at 2pm. While Judith Park publishes through Carlsen Manga, Alexandra Völker works for EMA, so you get the best from both publishers!

Carlsen Chibi Box 2!

May 17, 2007

Carlsen Manga has put up pages for some of their upcoming “Chibi box 2” titles, so those interested in the format should check these links out. Box 2 comes out in September, and each 64 page book costs €1.95. Missing from the list is Olga Rogalski’s Strike Back.

Kensei – Christian Pick – ISBN: 978-3-551-66008-4

In Names des Sohnes – Zofia Garden – ISBN: 978-3-551-66009-1
A city is threatened by a volcano. According to a prophecy, only the sacrifice of the son of the wind god can keep it from erupting. The friends Victor and Freo founded a group of rebels that fights against the evil prophet. … Does he really want to save this city and its inhabitants? Victor has strong doubts…

E-Motional – Martina Peters – ISBN: 978-3551660107
Jade daydreams a lot, and prefers sitting in front of his computer instead of meeting with friends.   One day he finds a little box with a clock and a note.  The little box supposedly holds a soul that needs to be given to its new host.  At first he thinks it’s a joke, but soon things grow serious…

Twins Love Panic – Dörte Dettlaff – ISBN: 978-3551660060
The twins Kitty and Katt are one heart and one soul. One day, Katt, the younger of the two, is pictured on the cover of a magazine. Their dad does not approve, but Kitty wants to help Katt and claims that she’s the one in the photo. This game of confusion has quite a few consequences, as the cute Leon is interested in the girl on the cover…

Make a Date – Alexandra Völker – ISBN: 978-3-551-66011-4

Newsletter News

April 20, 2007

A number of newsletters were just sent out, so here’s what we found of interest:

The DAISUKI newsletter has a great picture of the next issue’s cover… across which are spread characters from their new series Idol, by Stella Brandner.

Introducing Damien, Nate, Sullivan and Eric, from SUB FOUR!
In “Idol”, the new manga from Stella Brandner, the American rock band is touring through Germany– and you’re there live! In the new DAISUKI, you’ll meet these cute guys and get to see who they are deep down in a big “Close Up” special!
Which of the cute guys will become the biggest heartthrob, is, of course, up to you! But the decision will definitely not be easy– they’re all delicious!

You can buy this issue of Daisuki here, through

Carlsen’s normal newsletter comes with some great news about the Chibi line– the reception has been so great that all 5 stories are already being reprinted!
The Chibi tour continues, with new autograph sessions:
May 16, 5:30pm at GONDROM in Ulm – Michael Rühle (Geeks)
May 19, 2pm at MORAWA in Salzburg’s Europark – Melanie Schober (Raccoon)

Tokyopop also sent out a newsletter. It looks like the Manga Fieber 3 is being released, so be sure to grab it. Manga Fieber is an anthology of up-and-coming German manga talent, but unlike Tokyopop US’s Rising Stars of Manga, it isn’t an annual contest. The artists and stories that make up this volume are as follows:

Kou Akaiwa – Hanabi – Feuerwerk
Jelka & Rieka Blendermann – Leckerbissen
Claudia Flor – Sivans Quest
Irina Frisorger – Emily mit dem Glasherz
Janine Goerss – Break Away
Anja Kesting – Manga Heaven
Simone Xie – Zeichensprache

Reading samples of each story can be found on Tokyopop’s Manga Player! Summaries are available, so if you’re interested in any of the short stories in particular, let us know and we can translate them.

Grimms Manga is also finally being released, so pick that up here! Also coming out: Yaru volume 1.

Looks like the new preview of Gothic Sports caught the attention of some of the big bloggers! You can find mention of it at Publishers Weekly’s The Beat. While it does get some pretty good feedback, the question of format is immediately brought up, to no great surprise. “Global manga” tends to be (severely!) frowned upon in the US when they go so far as being written in the Japanese reading direction.

Interestingly, in interviews we’ve read and taken part in in the past, all signs point to the reading direction being primarily the choice of the artist, not the publisher. Some works, like those which ran in Daisuki alongside Japanese series, and possibly Chibi, may need to be consistent in the reading direction, but Tokyopop Germany lets their artists decide (as is seen in Evergrey and Yaru, which are both left-to-right). All books put out by Tokyopop USA, on the other hand, must be in Western reading direction.

Boys’ love fans should look forward to Fireangels’ Lemon Law v1, an anthology that’s a bit more… hard core than Lime Law, which currently has two volumes out.  Those interested should check out Dee’s y!gallery for a few sample pages of her story.

Martina Peters, author/artist of K-A-E 29th Secret, also published by Fireangels, is one of the artists in Chibi’s “box 2”, but it’s been revealed that despite her history of boys’ love stories, her Chibi book, E-Motional, isn’t of that genre.  Carlsen does list it under “romance”, though, and provides the following description.

Jade daydreams a lot, and prefers sitting in front of his computer instead of meeting with friends.   One day he finds a little box with a clock and a note.  The little box supposedly holds a soul that needs to be given to its new host.  At first he thinks it’s a joke, but soon things grow serious…

Sascha Schätzchen, author of EMA’s Without Identity, has created a new “modern version” of an old medieval legend.  The manga, titled Pax Animae: Der Meister und der Mangaka (the master & the mangaka), will be available only in a limited edition of 300 signed copies, and can only be purchased online or at the Wallraf Richartz Museum shop.  It costs 19.90, and will be released April 16.  To order it online, you have to use the special order form found here.  The site also has sample pages for those interested.

Saint Ursula is pissed at how her martyrdom is being marketed, and returns to her hometown of Cologne, an angry heroine, to take revenge.

In other EMA-artist news, Alexander Völker (Catwalk) and DuO (Independent) will be appearing at AniGraz on April 14 from 2-11pm.

EMA & Carlsen

March 20, 2007

Carlsen’s latest free Manga Preview is to be released on the 22nd, so look for it at their stall at the Leipzig Bookfair and any place you normally buy manga.  The volume contains the normal previews from the new releases, as well as an exclusive short manga from Judith Park.
Aside from the first Chibi box (see Master List for info) and Go Kids!, Manga-Talente 2007 will also be released.

black&white, 128 pages
€ 6,- (D) / € 6,20 (A) / sFr. 10,90
ISBN 978-3-551-77775-1

In EMA news, Splashcomics reports that all the EMA-artists will be participating in the Japanese Cartoon Association’s International Manga Award. Wish them luck!

Licensing & Chibi news

March 15, 2007

From the Daisuki newsletter: Judith Park’s Y Square has been licensed for release in America! This is the first of Carlsen’s original series to be picked up for English release, and it joins Tokyopop’s Gothic Sports and Yonen Buzz. No word yet on who the publisher is. Boys love fans should cross their fingers for the subsequent licensing of Y Square‘s sequel, Y Square PLUS.

Judith Park is also joining the other Chibi artists and going on tour. The dates are as follows.
April 16 – Berlin (J-Store)
April 17 – Magdeburg (Comic-Kobinat)
April 18 – Frankfurt am Main (T3)
April 19 – Darmstadt (Thalia)
April 20 – Gießen (Karstadt)
April 21 – Koeln (Mayersche)

Chibi also has a contest up on its site, now. You can win a Nintendo DS, an exclusive Chibi-bag, or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. You’ll probably need a German address, though.

Chibi & Fireangels news

March 15, 2007

Leipzig Bookfair is approaching! A number of books are being released just in time for the event, including the first Chibi box. When they were first unveiled, a number of fans weren’t fond of the cover designs, and expressed their dislike in the Carlsen forums. Perhaps in response to that, the cover of Judith Park’s LUXUS has been changed (the old version is still visible on Amazon)… though hers was the cover most people said looked best!

Fireangels Verlag has added two licensed works to their line-up, which were originally published in English by Yaoi Press. Lime Law 2 should also be coming out this month, and for those interested in applying, Fireangels is always looking for more submissions (English page is here).

From Schwarzer Turm, Hungry Hearts v1 and Paper Theatre 5 should be coming out in time for Leipzig Bookfair as well.