New Carlsen 2 vol Manga

November 19, 2007

Carlsen just sent out their newsletter!

KEYLA from Nicole Klementz & Nhung Vu
Planned for two volumes, we present KEYLA, a fantasy global manga that’s rockin’. Volume one appears in April!

Judith Park signing session in Koblenz
Saturday, December 8, 1-4pm at the Sammlerecke in Koblenz. This’s where we’ll be reserving a copy, if we can. ^^
Sammlerecke Koblenz
Hohenzollernstr. 40
56068 Koblenz

The winners of Manga Magie 2007
12-17 years old
1. Julia Kutsch (16) from Petersberg, won 500 Euro
2. Natalia Schiller (17) from Landsberg/Lech
3. Laura Fernandez Exposito (16) from Lahnau

18-26 years old
1. Team: Annelie Kretzschmar (22, from Berlin) / Maren Marmulla (19, from Dortmund), won 1,000 Euro
2. Anke Grunwald (19) from Leipzig
3. Luisa Velontrova (19) from Luckenwalde.

Tokyopop News

June 4, 2007 sent out their newsletter today, and there’s quite a bit of news.

Christina Plaka, author of Yonen Buzz, will be a guest at Animagic 2007, where she will introduce and sign her newest book, Yonen Buzz volume 3. She will also be signing at T3, a comic store in Frankfurt, on July 7 from 2- 5pm. T3 will also show parts of the exhibition “How is a manga created – An introduction using Christina Plaka’s Yonen Buzz as an example”. Samples from the new Yonen Buzz volume are up on Tokyopop’s online Manga Player.

Gothic Sports is enjoying success all around the world! The first print run of the American issue of Gothic Sports volume 1 was sold out soon after its publication and has since been reprinted. Volume 2 will be out in September. Due to success of volume 1 in France, Anike will give autographs at Japan Expo in Paris this summer. In Japan, where Gothic Sports has been released as a cell phone manga, readers love Anike Hage’s series as well, as is evident from the guestbook on her site.

The newsletter also gives a reminder that submissions are currently open for MangaMagie 6, a drawing contest held by Animania and Tokyopop that’s judged by employees from all the major manga publishers in Germany. Deadline is August 31. Good luck to all participants!

You read that correctly– Schwarzer Turm is taking part in “Free Comic Book Day” by offering 5 free copies of Paper Theatre v5 in their forum! Answer five multiple choice questions (post your answers in this thread) before midnight. Good luck, and never fear: if you lose or aren’t eligible to enter, you can buy a copy of Paper Theater v5 here.

Also free: Schwarzer Turm’s anthology Kappa Maki has posted a complete story from volume 1 as a pdf! A Punk’s Tale is by Stella Brandner, who is currently working on IDOL, an ongoing story running in Carlsen’s monthly anthology Daisuki. May’s issue, which contains chapter 1, can be bought here.
In other Schwarzer Turm news, they recently posted samples from Tokyopop’s Manga Fieber v3. Check out the post for samples from artists who have been published in Schwarzer Turm’s various anthologies!

EMA & Carlsen

March 20, 2007

Carlsen’s latest free Manga Preview is to be released on the 22nd, so look for it at their stall at the Leipzig Bookfair and any place you normally buy manga.  The volume contains the normal previews from the new releases, as well as an exclusive short manga from Judith Park.
Aside from the first Chibi box (see Master List for info) and Go Kids!, Manga-Talente 2007 will also be released.

black&white, 128 pages
€ 6,- (D) / € 6,20 (A) / sFr. 10,90
ISBN 978-3-551-77775-1

In EMA news, Splashcomics reports that all the EMA-artists will be participating in the Japanese Cartoon Association’s International Manga Award. Wish them luck!

Licensing & Chibi news

March 15, 2007

From the Daisuki newsletter: Judith Park’s Y Square has been licensed for release in America! This is the first of Carlsen’s original series to be picked up for English release, and it joins Tokyopop’s Gothic Sports and Yonen Buzz. No word yet on who the publisher is. Boys love fans should cross their fingers for the subsequent licensing of Y Square‘s sequel, Y Square PLUS.

Judith Park is also joining the other Chibi artists and going on tour. The dates are as follows.
April 16 – Berlin (J-Store)
April 17 – Magdeburg (Comic-Kobinat)
April 18 – Frankfurt am Main (T3)
April 19 – Darmstadt (Thalia)
April 20 – Gießen (Karstadt)
April 21 – Koeln (Mayersche)

Chibi also has a contest up on its site, now. You can win a Nintendo DS, an exclusive Chibi-bag, or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. You’ll probably need a German address, though.

February 8, 2007

Gothic Sports has proven it’s worth as it slips past into the almost always all-Japanese top 15 manga chart, posted by SplashComics! Volume 2 has squeezed into 13th place for the month of January.

ComicCampus has announced the winners of the lastest competition! The third place winner also appears in Hungry Hearts v1, from Schwarzer Turm. The youngest competition winner was 15, with the oldest at 53. Never give up!
1 place: “Wish’s [sic] May Come True” by Kim Liersch and Roda Makmod
2 place: “Take It Easy, Boss!” by Sandra Jockus
3 place: “Die Blutrolle” by Hermann Geisler
runners up are:
“Nothing’s Forever” by Janina Putzer
“Die Grosse Welle” by Hannelore Greinecker-Morocutti

Merchandise for global manga seems to be almost unheard of in America… thankfully, that’s not the case in Germany. Let us know if we’ve missed any!

Purikura are those tiny little photo-stickers that’re so popular in Japan… and apparently, CarlsenComics has designed a few frames! On the left is one for their monthly-manga-mag, Daisuki, and the one on the right is for Jibun-Jishin, a single volume work by Nina Werner. We haven’t seen any info about were you can find these photo booths… the only knowledge we have about their existance at all comes from these two samples, found on the sites of Nam & Tram Nguyen and Nina Werner.
Nina Werner’s work seems to be a popular choice for merchandise- characters from Jibun-Jishin grace the back of a windbreaker that’s offered on their site- buy enough of their manga (or get a 1 year subscription to Daisuki), get a free jacket!
She also has pencil boards being given out as prizes as part of Animexx‘s advent calendar, but we haven’t been able to find any images.

All we’ve seen so far from EMA is merchandise for the works of DuO- Mon-Star Attack & Independent. The stickers came with Mon-Star Attack v1, and the highlighters are currently being sold all over Europe. If you buy Independent v1, one comes attached, but there are five designs in all. Images are from DuO’s website and Stabilo is a sponsor of ComicCampus, an annual manga contest. On their site, you can also find a “comic creator“- make your own comic, with characters from Independent!

Schwarzer Turm is a big fan of merchandise. They have a wide array of stickers, buttons, shirts and postcards available for their manga anthologies, like Paper Theatre. The homepage of The Royal Walchs (the team behind Magic Mütze) has a number of photos of various merchandise, so check ’em out here.

A pair of postcards seem to come with every volume of global manga Tokyopop Germany releases. The above are the sets we received with our volumes of Gothic Sports v1 & Iscel v1. The books themselves contain a number of color pages, in contrast to the releases states-side.
And everyone loves Nintendo DS, right? Tokyopop artists Anike Hage & Marie Sann paired up with eBay and Nintendo, and each designed a DS. Five were made of each design, which were then sold to the highest bidders on eBay, with the money going to charity. Images are from Marie Sann’s homepage, and an Anike Hage fansite, with the latter copyright Guido Mudersbach and AnimeY. Tokyopop has also expressed an interest in making a line of shirts that look like the soccer uniforms in Gothic Sports.

Assorted News

December 4, 2006

Animexx has an Advent calender up (for those who don’t know the tradition, you open a door every day from December 1st to Christmas, and find a little present), and so far, three pencilboards designed by Nina Werner (author of Jibun-Jishin) have been up for grabs. We’ll keep an eye out for other global manga goodies!

David Boller of Lime Manga (Evergrey, Yaru) informed us that “Die Berner Zeitung”, a large Swiss newspaper, published an article on Evergrey. We’ll update with a translation soon! He also told us that Lime Manga are likely to be featured in the weekly culture show of Swiss National TV early next year.

EMA has announced new signing dates in addition to those we already posted about in their newsletter:

12/08, at 3pm
Signing with DuO (Indépendent)
Medienzentrum in the Hamburg main station

12/10, at 2pm
Signing with Alexandra Völker (Catwalk)
Presse und Buch in the Oberhausen main station

SplashComics also mentions that Indépendent v1 has gone into its second print run.

New Series from Carlsen & EMA

November 18, 2006

SplashComics notes that EMA has released the titles of two new series that should be coming out next summer.

Gott Gauss, by Viviane, a Swiss artist. The series apparently used to be posted as an online comic at SplashComics, so stop by if you’re interested in some sample images.

Musouka, by Diana Liesaus. The 19 year old from Dresden recently won the Connichi doujinshi contest, and had her short BL story Puppet 175 published in the Shinkan Special 2005. The story was later republished in Lime Law v1, by Fireangels Verlag. She’s on both Animexx & Y-Gallery.

In similar news, AnimeY reports that Carlsen Comics‘ new Manga Preview has a sample from a new pair of mangaka, more of whose work we’ll see in spring of next year. Franziska Leviathan and Tina Lindhorst had a short story in Manga Preview, titled The Same Pleasure as Every Year.

Carlsen Comics newsletter

November 16, 2006

The December volume of Daisuki comes out on the 17th, with some info on Judith Park and a contest winning short story.

Gaming with Judith

Judith Park is not only manga star, but also one with cardgames! Especially the game “Hanfuda”, or “Hwa-Tu”, as it’s called in Judith’s native Korea. It has given the sweet mangaka a couple of sleepless nights already, because the game with the beautiful cards is addictive.
In a “Close Up Special”, Judith explains the rules of the card game and shows her stubborn side… ^_^
There’s also a new chapter of her ongoing story Y-Square Plus.


The Winner Is Announced!
After we published the best ten short stories of our writing contest in the July and August issues of Daisuki, you voted for your favorite, and gave them a special present: The winning story has been drawn as a short manga by Zofia Garden! Let yourselves be put into a romantic mood by this super-cute manga, and read everything about the final results of the contest!

Carlsen Comics sent out their Manga Newsletter, and here’s the news:

The new Manga Preview is coming out- a free collection of samples from many of Carlsen’s manga. Also included are sneak peeks at some of their global manga. It’ll be available everywhere on November 17th- it should also be up for download soon, so we’ll let you know when it appears online.

They also report plans for releases of new “home-grown manga” next summer, so “stay tuned…”

Also: Chat With Judith Park

AnimeY reports that on January 8th, they’ll be holding a chat with Judith Park (author of Dystopia, YSquare, and YSquare Plus) and the head of Daisuki, Anne Berling. The chat will take place from 6-8pm (Central European Time).