December 13, 2007

EMA’s manga preview publication has gone online! Available in flash format, you can check out summaries of upcoming series and a wide variety of sample pages.
To see the info regarding global manga works, enter the following page numbers into “Gehe zu”:
5: Gott Gauss, a three volume work by Bruno Cotting & Viviane.
6: Musouka, a two volume boys’ love work by Diana Liesaus.
7 or 8: Drama CDs of Catwalk and Mon-Star Attack.

Also mentioned are a number of changes to the release schedule.
Moved to Summer 2008: Gott Gauss 2 and Independent 3.
Pushed back: Mon-Star Attack CDs, Fight!, Freaky Angel 2, and Without Identity 3.

Also of interest is a new manga-style tarot deck that’s being released with art by Viviane. The deck is coming out from publishing house Urania (well-known for their card decks), and sample images can be seen on Viviane’s portfolio site. “I had to draw all of 78 cards. What a huge amount of work!”

New Völker manga from EMA

November 19, 2007

According to AnimeY, Alexandra Völker has a new single-volume manga in the works. PARIS (working title) will be published by EMA, the publisher of her last series, Catwalk, and is currently planned to come out in June, 2008.

A little while ago, Schwarzer Turm announced they were working on an anthology of short comics inspired by the lyrics of Subway to Sally songs. The release date came and went, but now there’s a new announcement: the Subway to Sally Storybook is being published by EMA instead!

The book will be released in March 2008, and cost 10 Euros.

Drama CDs Update

November 7, 2007

Both EMA and Carlsen have ventured into the realm of CD versions of their original series: EMA with Catwalk and Mon*Star Attack, and Carlsen with Dystopia and Y Square. Both publishers are working with Cocomico Records, and so far there are audio samples of Catwalk and Mon*Star Attack up for your listening pleasure.

You can purchase the CDs on by following these links:

Y Square Audio CD – ASIN: B000VWOUI0 – €7.95
Dystopia Audio CD – ASIN: tba – €7.95
Catwalk Audio CD 1 – ISBN: 978-3770468621 – €6.95
Audio CD 2
– ISBN: 978-3770468638 – €6.95
Mon-Star Attack Audio CD 1 – ISBN: 978-3770468645 – €6.95
Mon-Star Attack Audio CD 2 – ISBN: 978-3770468652 – €6.95

Recent & Upcoming Releases

October 28, 2007

We’ve updated the Master List with a number of new releases. Here’s a summary, including those which were announced earlier, but didn’t yet have an Amazon link. We’ll be making individual posts with more details about some of these, no worries.

Manga Mixx 4 – various artists – €4.00

Dystopia Audio CD – Judith Park – ASIN: tba – €7.95
Y Square Audio CD – Judith Park – ASIN: B000VWOUI0 – €7.95

Wilhelm Busch und die Folgen – DuO, Anike Hage, others – ISBN: 978-3770431731 – €15.00

Fireangels Verlag
Bi-Color – various artists – ISBN: 978-3-939309-09-3 – €18.00
Fireangels Boys’ Love 2008 Kalendar – various artists – ISBN: 978-3-939309-10-9 – €18.00
Lemon Law v1 – various artists – ISBN: – 978-3-939309-05-3 – €6.50

Schwarzer Turm
Hungry Hearts v2 – various artists – ISBN: tba – €6.50

Dämonenjunge Lain – Natalie Wormsbecher – ISBN: 978-3-86719-299-6 – €6.50
Gothic Sports Patch – €5.99
Gothic Sports Soft Soccer Ball – €6.99
Gothic Sports Wristband – €5.99
Grimms Manga – Perfect Edition – Keiko Ishiyama – ISBN: 978-3-86719-328-3 – €14.00
Tylsim v1 – Reyhan Yildirim – ISBN: 978-3-86719-215-6 – €6.50

The Wild Side
Lost and Found – Zombiesmile – ISBN: 978-3-939484-04-2 – €10.90

EMA newsletter July

July 21, 2007

EMA recently sent out its July newsletter, and there is lots of news.
Diana Liesaus’ BL manga Musouka is in stores now, so grab your own copy! If you like Musouka, be sure to check out one of the numerous events where Diana will be signing Duo (Mon-Star Attack, Independant) and Alexandra Völker (Catwalk). DuO and Alexandra are going on a tour through Nordrhein-Westfalen’s Mayersche bookstores. A complete, very long list of dates and locations can be found here.
Staying with Duo, Independant vol. 2 is out now!

EMA just sent out their newsletter, and there are plenty of occasions to meet your favorite EMA mangaka and have your books signed!

Mangaworkshop with Alexandra Völker (Catwalk)
June 30, 2-4 p.m. 


Japanese Bookstore
Immermannstr. 31
40210 Düsseldorf

DuO (Mon-Star Attack, Indépendent)
July19, 3 p.m.
k presse + buch Medienzentrum
Hamburg Central Station

Diana Liesaus (Musouka)
July 21, 3 p.m.
Comics am Steintor
Nordmannpassage 3
30159 Hannover

July 27-29,  Animagic
Diana Liesaus, DuO and Alexandra Völker

Alexandra Völker
Mangaworkshop and Manga-Exhibition
August 1
Stadtbücherei Werl
Marktstraße 3
59457 Werl

August 1, 3 p.m. 
Comic Combo
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 2
04107 Leipzig

Alexandra Völker
August 3, 3 p.m.
Comic Combo
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 2
04107 Leipzig

August 4, 1-3 p.m.
Thalia Universitätsbuchhandlung GmbH
Nathalie Frank Boulevard
Schuchardstraße 8
64283 Darmstadt

November 11, noon
Grober Unfug
 Zossener Strasse 33
10961 Berlin

Alexandra Völker
Manga-Gala and Exhibition
August 17
Stadtbücherei Werl
Marktstraße 3
59457 Werl

On June 9 Judith Park (Dystopia, Y Square, Y Square Plus, Luxus) and Alexandra Völker (Catwalk) will be signing their books at Comix in Hannover, starting at 2pm. While Judith Park publishes through Carlsen Manga, Alexandra Völker works for EMA, so you get the best from both publishers!

EMA’s posted their fall/winter program in their forums, and there’s some exciting news. It looks like there’s a new single-volume manga in the works. The summary is from EMA’s pdf preview.

Fight – Kim Liersch & Roda Makmod (DiM€)
March 2008 – €6.00
ISBN: 978-3-7704-6859-1

 Tatsuro is a guy who can do everything… until one day, when he has his first bitter failure. Of all people, it’s a little girl who shows the self-obsessed kendo fighter that there are more important things in life than winning. Friends, for example, and the feeling of doing something good. DiM€ is made up of Roda Makmod and Kim Liersch from Wuppertal. FIGHT is their fast-paced manga debut, and it’s easily better than some Japanese works!

Musouka v2 and Gott Gauss v2 should both be coming out in March as well.

The most interesting news is the planned release of four “audio cds”– we’re assuming these are much like the Japanese “drama cds” that are sometimes released. The pdf preview linked above has cover art for those interested! The Cologne Cocomico Team does these CDs in cooperation with EMA.

Mon-Star Attack Audio-CD
Two volumes, 50 minutes each
€6.95 per CD
October 2007
pre-order on! one and two

Catwalk Audio-CD
Two volumes, 50 minutes each
€6.95 per CD
October 2007
pre-order on! one and two

Boys’ love fans should look forward to Fireangels’ Lemon Law v1, an anthology that’s a bit more… hard core than Lime Law, which currently has two volumes out.  Those interested should check out Dee’s y!gallery for a few sample pages of her story.

Martina Peters, author/artist of K-A-E 29th Secret, also published by Fireangels, is one of the artists in Chibi’s “box 2”, but it’s been revealed that despite her history of boys’ love stories, her Chibi book, E-Motional, isn’t of that genre.  Carlsen does list it under “romance”, though, and provides the following description.

Jade daydreams a lot, and prefers sitting in front of his computer instead of meeting with friends.   One day he finds a little box with a clock and a note.  The little box supposedly holds a soul that needs to be given to its new host.  At first he thinks it’s a joke, but soon things grow serious…

Sascha Schätzchen, author of EMA’s Without Identity, has created a new “modern version” of an old medieval legend.  The manga, titled Pax Animae: Der Meister und der Mangaka (the master & the mangaka), will be available only in a limited edition of 300 signed copies, and can only be purchased online or at the Wallraf Richartz Museum shop.  It costs 19.90, and will be released April 16.  To order it online, you have to use the special order form found here.  The site also has sample pages for those interested.

Saint Ursula is pissed at how her martyrdom is being marketed, and returns to her hometown of Cologne, an angry heroine, to take revenge.

In other EMA-artist news, Alexander Völker (Catwalk) and DuO (Independent) will be appearing at AniGraz on April 14 from 2-11pm.