New Carlsen 2 vol Manga

November 19, 2007

Carlsen just sent out their newsletter!

KEYLA from Nicole Klementz & Nhung Vu
Planned for two volumes, we present KEYLA, a fantasy global manga that’s rockin’. Volume one appears in April!

Judith Park signing session in Koblenz
Saturday, December 8, 1-4pm at the Sammlerecke in Koblenz. This’s where we’ll be reserving a copy, if we can. ^^
Sammlerecke Koblenz
Hohenzollernstr. 40
56068 Koblenz

The winners of Manga Magie 2007
12-17 years old
1. Julia Kutsch (16) from Petersberg, won 500 Euro
2. Natalia Schiller (17) from Landsberg/Lech
3. Laura Fernandez Exposito (16) from Lahnau

18-26 years old
1. Team: Annelie Kretzschmar (22, from Berlin) / Maren Marmulla (19, from Dortmund), won 1,000 Euro
2. Anke Grunwald (19) from Leipzig
3. Luisa Velontrova (19) from Luckenwalde.

EMA newsletter July

July 21, 2007

EMA recently sent out its July newsletter, and there is lots of news.
Diana Liesaus’ BL manga Musouka is in stores now, so grab your own copy! If you like Musouka, be sure to check out one of the numerous events where Diana will be signing Duo (Mon-Star Attack, Independant) and Alexandra Völker (Catwalk). DuO and Alexandra are going on a tour through Nordrhein-Westfalen’s Mayersche bookstores. A complete, very long list of dates and locations can be found here.
Staying with Duo, Independant vol. 2 is out now!

EMA just sent out their newsletter, and there are plenty of occasions to meet your favorite EMA mangaka and have your books signed!

Mangaworkshop with Alexandra Völker (Catwalk)
June 30, 2-4 p.m. 


Japanese Bookstore
Immermannstr. 31
40210 Düsseldorf

DuO (Mon-Star Attack, Indépendent)
July19, 3 p.m.
k presse + buch Medienzentrum
Hamburg Central Station

Diana Liesaus (Musouka)
July 21, 3 p.m.
Comics am Steintor
Nordmannpassage 3
30159 Hannover

July 27-29,  Animagic
Diana Liesaus, DuO and Alexandra Völker

Alexandra Völker
Mangaworkshop and Manga-Exhibition
August 1
Stadtbücherei Werl
Marktstraße 3
59457 Werl

August 1, 3 p.m. 
Comic Combo
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 2
04107 Leipzig

Alexandra Völker
August 3, 3 p.m.
Comic Combo
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 2
04107 Leipzig

August 4, 1-3 p.m.
Thalia Universitätsbuchhandlung GmbH
Nathalie Frank Boulevard
Schuchardstraße 8
64283 Darmstadt

November 11, noon
Grober Unfug
 Zossener Strasse 33
10961 Berlin

Alexandra Völker
Manga-Gala and Exhibition
August 17
Stadtbücherei Werl
Marktstraße 3
59457 Werl

On June 9 Judith Park (Dystopia, Y Square, Y Square Plus, Luxus) and Alexandra Völker (Catwalk) will be signing their books at Comix in Hannover, starting at 2pm. While Judith Park publishes through Carlsen Manga, Alexandra Völker works for EMA, so you get the best from both publishers!

Tokyopop News

June 4, 2007 sent out their newsletter today, and there’s quite a bit of news.

Christina Plaka, author of Yonen Buzz, will be a guest at Animagic 2007, where she will introduce and sign her newest book, Yonen Buzz volume 3. She will also be signing at T3, a comic store in Frankfurt, on July 7 from 2- 5pm. T3 will also show parts of the exhibition “How is a manga created – An introduction using Christina Plaka’s Yonen Buzz as an example”. Samples from the new Yonen Buzz volume are up on Tokyopop’s online Manga Player.

Gothic Sports is enjoying success all around the world! The first print run of the American issue of Gothic Sports volume 1 was sold out soon after its publication and has since been reprinted. Volume 2 will be out in September. Due to success of volume 1 in France, Anike will give autographs at Japan Expo in Paris this summer. In Japan, where Gothic Sports has been released as a cell phone manga, readers love Anike Hage’s series as well, as is evident from the guestbook on her site.

The newsletter also gives a reminder that submissions are currently open for MangaMagie 6, a drawing contest held by Animania and Tokyopop that’s judged by employees from all the major manga publishers in Germany. Deadline is August 31. Good luck to all participants!

Tokyopop USA has put up chapter 4 of Gothic Sports on their Manga Player, so check it out! Volume one is now in stock on Amazon.

Marie Sann (artist of Sketchbook Berlin) willbe at a Manga Workshop in Berlin on May 19th, from 4-7pm. More info can be found at her blog.

Tokyopop will sell a small limited edition of merchandise for their series Gothic Sports by Anike Hage and In the End by Pink Psycho at next weekend’s Leipzig Bookfair in order to test the market.  AnimeY reports that there will be sweat bands and patches for both Gothic Sports and In the End as well as a Gothic Sports ball. Fans should be quick, as the supply is limited!

Licensing & Chibi news

March 15, 2007

From the Daisuki newsletter: Judith Park’s Y Square has been licensed for release in America! This is the first of Carlsen’s original series to be picked up for English release, and it joins Tokyopop’s Gothic Sports and Yonen Buzz. No word yet on who the publisher is. Boys love fans should cross their fingers for the subsequent licensing of Y Square‘s sequel, Y Square PLUS.

Judith Park is also joining the other Chibi artists and going on tour. The dates are as follows.
April 16 – Berlin (J-Store)
April 17 – Magdeburg (Comic-Kobinat)
April 18 – Frankfurt am Main (T3)
April 19 – Darmstadt (Thalia)
April 20 – Gießen (Karstadt)
April 21 – Koeln (Mayersche)

Chibi also has a contest up on its site, now. You can win a Nintendo DS, an exclusive Chibi-bag, or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. You’ll probably need a German address, though.

TP Leipzig Signings

February 10, 2007

Leipzig Bookfair is coming up next month, and Tokyopop has released the list of who’ll be there giving autographs. They will all take place in the signing area of Comic-Zentrum.

Saturday, 03/24
12-1pm : Pink Psycho (In the End)
1-2pm: Anike Hage (Gothic Sports v1, v2)
Natalie Wormsbecher (Summer Rain)

Sunday, 03/25
10-11am: Anike Hage and Natalie Wormsbecher
12-1pm: Pink Psycho
3-4pm: Anike Hage, Natalie Wormsbecher & Pink Psycho

Kappa Maki site up

January 27, 2007

The site for Schwarzer Turm’s new doujinshi anthology is now up at  Kappa Maki will be available only through Schwarzer Turm’s online store, or at conventions, with volume 1 coming out in March for the Leipzig Bookfair. Each volume is published in a limited edition of 500. Volume two is planned for September, in time for Connichi.

Volume one has 176 pages, and costs €6.50.  There is no ISBN, due to its distribution methods. Preview images and summaries are available on the site.  The cover is by Anike Hage, and v1 contains short stories by the following artists:
Melanie Schober
Natalia Zaitseva
Lisa Rau & Carola Schmitz
Anna Rotenberg
Han Le
Nam & Tram Nguyen
Stella Brandner
Petra Borger
Helen Aerni
Janika Kefel & Alexandra Pietsch
Mario Wenzel