Manga Spot

October 17, 2006

A self-published manga anthology, Manga Spot was born out of the losing short stories that were entered in the “Manga Talent Contest” at the Leipzig Bookfair. Two compilations have been published so far- a 2005 version (now out of print) and the recently released 2006 anthology (a pdf preview of which is available on their site).
Information regarding MS06:
252 pages
print run: 200 books
right to left reading direction
€8.00, available from Freibeuter Shop
contains 12 stories and 10 illustrations by 23 artists

Eidalon – Tomoe

October 14, 2006


Eidalon is a smaller publisher with a long history of releasing less mainstream American comics in German (Demo, Megatokyo, etc).  One of their few non-licensed works is Tomoe, a three-volume series by Prin & Umi Konbu– born in Osaka, the pair currently live in Frankfurt, giving manga classes and producing illustrations for fashion magazines.

[all volumes read right to left]
v1- ISBN: 3-936686-91-2
160p, €6.90
v2 – ISBN: 3-936686-92-0
144p, €6.90
v3 – ISBN: 3-936686-93-9
144p, €6.90

Japan in the 12th century: In this time, a female samurai lived. In principle, it was an impossible idea, as only men were allowed to fight. But she really existed. Her name: Tomoe.

Tomoe, by Prin & Umi Konbu, tells the story of this woman.

Tomoe is not allowed to learn the art of fighting, because she’s a girl. Tomoe is very unsatisfied, especially because she considers the talented son of the Genji-clan, Komaoumaru, to be her rival. She continuously challenges him to fight. In Shinano, there is a competition over the art of fighting, and she dresses as her older brother Shiro in order to secretly participate and fight against Komaoumaru…

We interrupt the scheduled Shinkan translations to give a summary of a new anthology from a young publisher, Fireangels, that focuses on global manga- especially BL/yaoi & yuri global manga (they have a yearly con, too- YaYuCo). Tomorrow we’ll give info on how to submit & what they currently have planned, but for now we’ll mention one of the two volumes they already have out.
Lime Law v1, the first we’re mentioning, was just released last month. It appears to be an ongoing anthology, but the stories within are not continuous- rather, each volume of Lime Law consists of several self-contained short stories.
Links to the preview pages are provided, with quick translations of each. All images and information come from the Fireangels’ homepage.

Lime Law v1
ISBN : 3-939309-01-7 (currently available at
Price: 10.99€
Pages: 184p, 18 in color

Preview one- artist: Crow13 (story was also published in Shinkan Special ’05)
page onepage two

Only God knows what I felt
when I recognized…

What you are.


not a puppet!
Because you feel, just like I do.

Preview two – artist: Dee
page onepage two

Come with me!
What? *badum badum*

But Ian… what? *badum, etc*

*blink blink* Get undressed!

*sweat* *blush*

Don’t look so scared, Sayus…
You started it…
And I have no problem continuing…

Preview three – artist: Iruka
page onepage two

Do you want to go?

I… I’m not sure.

You said you didn’t want to be alone.

What the hell is up with Randy?

But… this time I don’t want to push him away...

Preview four – artist: CaitLin
page onepage two

Hmm… *Physics for Dummies*

Who the hell needs physics? *throw* *flutter*

*sigh* *dum da dum*

So, what’s wrong now?


Do you have a minute?

Blahblahblah *hm?*

Oh Gooood… oh God… Mei-chan… what are you doing?!
Just a sec…


Preview five – artist: Vanira
page onepage two

Are you listening to me?



Preview six – artist: Chiron-san
page onepage two

Nothing’s changed in eight years…

since I moved away from here.

Kabu Hataka, 17 years old.

I guess no one will recognize me…

If I recognize anyone in the first place.

I really don’t want to go to this boys’ school.

Careful with the tarp! Yeah, that’s good. A little bit higher.