According to AnimeY, Tokyopop announced that Marie Sann and Guido Neukamm have a new series in the works. Krähen (Crows) will be two volumes long, the first of which should be out by the end of the year.

The blog Manly Manga and More recently posted Carlsen’s Bestsellers for 2007— fans of Chibi should be excited to see that four titles made the top 20: Luxus, Drachenschnee, Raccoon, and White Pearl. All four are from the first Chibi set. The blog does mistakenly say that all Chibi titles use a super-deformed art style, though.

Quite a few books are set to come out at the annual Leipzig Bookfair. One of these is Schwarzer Turm’s Hungry Hearts v2, which contains a short story called “Zweigeteilt” that might be of interest to readers of this blog!

Tokyopop just sent out a newsletter, with a few points of interest:

Freche Mädchen – freche Manga!
Tokyopop has joined efforts with Stuttgarter Verlag Thienemann to put out a manga version of the successful series, Freche Mädchen – freche Bücher! (Cheeky Girls, Cheeky Books!). Originally written by Bianka Minte-König, Tokyopop has brought on artist Inga Steinmetz (who was in Manga Fieber) to draw the manga.
Each of the three planned books will focus on one of the three protagonists, and the readers can look forward to amusing and turbulent stories that revolve around the exciting teenage life of Hannah, Mila and Kati. Handykuss und Liebesrätsel comes out in June.

Followers of Schwarzer Turm will find Kulla very familiar! Tokyopop is putting out a reworked version of Kulla und die Wunschblume next year, and the story will be followed by two more volumes of stories about Anne Pätzke’s small bunny.

While not part of the newsletter, it’s been revealed that Lime Manga has split from Tokyopop.  The creators have released volumes of two series through Tokyopop, Evergrey and Yaru, but will be taking over publication and distribution themselves, licensing the works from Tokyopop. The split “was a totally mutual split and on good terms,” according to Lime Manga. The two were interviewed for an article at Publisher’s Weekly, which mentions that they plan on bringing out remastered editions of their series at the end of next year, and are currently looking into English-language publication.

A little while ago, Schwarzer Turm announced they were working on an anthology of short comics inspired by the lyrics of Subway to Sally songs. The release date came and went, but now there’s a new announcement: the Subway to Sally Storybook is being published by EMA instead!

The book will be released in March 2008, and cost 10 Euros.

Kappa Maki 2

November 4, 2007

The artists for the second volume of Schwarzer Turm’s anthology Kappa Maki have been announced! The cover of volume two will be by DuO, authors of MonStar Attack and Independent, and can be seen under the Kappa Maki section. They’ll be updating the Kappa Maki homepage soon with previews and info.

Hermann Geisler [ Ateru ]
Isabell Ristow [ Curse ]
Karla Groth [ Fenomena ]
Gerda Beuchel [ Gritti ]
[ SilverObsidian ] & [ Nashi ]
Verena Achenbach [ W-chan ]
Nana Yaa Kyere [ Yaa ]
Diane Ernzen [ yamatoking ]
Melanie Schober [ Blaue_Maus ]
Daniela Winkler [ FuXx ]
Stella Brandner [ PartTimeHeroine ]

Recent & Upcoming Releases

October 28, 2007

We’ve updated the Master List with a number of new releases. Here’s a summary, including those which were announced earlier, but didn’t yet have an Amazon link. We’ll be making individual posts with more details about some of these, no worries.

Manga Mixx 4 – various artists – €4.00

Dystopia Audio CD – Judith Park – ASIN: tba – €7.95
Y Square Audio CD – Judith Park – ASIN: B000VWOUI0 – €7.95

Wilhelm Busch und die Folgen – DuO, Anike Hage, others – ISBN: 978-3770431731 – €15.00

Fireangels Verlag
Bi-Color – various artists – ISBN: 978-3-939309-09-3 – €18.00
Fireangels Boys’ Love 2008 Kalendar – various artists – ISBN: 978-3-939309-10-9 – €18.00
Lemon Law v1 – various artists – ISBN: – 978-3-939309-05-3 – €6.50

Schwarzer Turm
Hungry Hearts v2 – various artists – ISBN: tba – €6.50

Dämonenjunge Lain – Natalie Wormsbecher – ISBN: 978-3-86719-299-6 – €6.50
Gothic Sports Patch – €5.99
Gothic Sports Soft Soccer Ball – €6.99
Gothic Sports Wristband – €5.99
Grimms Manga – Perfect Edition – Keiko Ishiyama – ISBN: 978-3-86719-328-3 – €14.00
Tylsim v1 – Reyhan Yildirim – ISBN: 978-3-86719-215-6 – €6.50

The Wild Side
Lost and Found – Zombiesmile – ISBN: 978-3-939484-04-2 – €10.90

To start off, we’ll mention a quick, easily overlooked tidbit– on the tails of the success of Yonen Buzz and Gothic Sports, Tokyopop has decided to license In the End, by Pink Psycho, and Evergrey, by Mary Hildebrandt & David Boller for release in America this February and March.

In the End can be pre-ordered here, with the ISBN 978-1427807182.
Evergrey v1 can be pre-ordered here, with the ISBN 978-1427807151.

Tokyopop isn’t slowing down anytime soon, it seems–  three new series have been announced, along with a photobook and a behind-the-scenes book. Images from all 5 books can be seen here.

Daemonenjunge Lain (Demonboy Lain) by Natalie Wormsbecher (December 2007)

Natalie Wormsbecher’s first book was Summer Rain.
The shy girl Ari makes a most unusual acquaintance one day When she walks under an old oak tree, a boy literally falls on her head, claiming quite seriously to be a demon.
Because Ari helped him after his fall, he wants to thank her by protecting her and never leaving her side. Ari, on the other hand, is not at all happy with this idea, and her slightly irritable boyfriend Mark definitely isn’t…

Tylsim by Reyhan Yildirim (March 2008)

The young hero Auru sets off one day to find a mysterious stone for a dark person who commissioned him. During his travels, on which he’s accompanied by his dragon Kita, Auru not only meets a pretty but somewhat moody witch and a fear-inducing giant spider, but also a broom in human form…
Wonderfully detailed characters, suspenseful adventures, and a big chunk of humor make Tylsim a real treat.

Stupid Story by Anna Hollmann (March 2008)

The beginning of Anna Hollmann’s Stupid Story was is known to some readers from Paper Theatre (from Schwarzer Turm). Starting in March, the complete story will be published in two volumes from Tokyopop.
Enough with being an outsider! Yanik is new at school, and wants to finally belong. When he meets Alan, he wants nothing more than to be as popular and desired as this girl-magnet. But when Alan kisses Yanik to prove to his female admirers that they have no chance with him, his admiration turns into dislike. At a party, at which Yanik is forced to dress as a girl, the two meet again. Alan falls in love at first sight with the pretty “girl”, not knowing who is really in front of him…

Liberty – Raised out of Dirt by Nheira (December 2007)

As part of the duo Pink Psycho, Nheira took part in the creation of In the End, one of the most successful manga Tokyopop has developed in Germany so far. Even in Japan, the volume has found fans.
In December, the artist, author and musician now puts out his first solo project. The volume (working title: Liberty – Raised out of Dirt) offers a collection of illustrations, short stories, manga, lyrics, and photos, which thematically revolve around the three levels: heaven, earth, and hell.
The complex project is being realized with the help of the two Japanese fashion labels HIDEROCK and GLAMOUR PUNKS, which created tailored and welded new outfits for the photoshoot.
Star photographer Susumu Miyawaki transformed all of this into breath-taking photos. Miyawaki-san has created a reputation for himself with his works on cover-images for known magazines such as Shoxx, Foolsmate, etc.

Yonen Buzz United (special volume) by Christina Plaka (December 2007)

The large format special volume Yonen Buzz United presents 128 pages of unpublished illustrations, sketches of the main characters, new character designs, and two exclusive short stories that grant unusual and spectacular glimpses into the Yonen Buzz universe. A detailed interview with the exceptional mangaka Christina Plaka offers interesting information about her working habits, her love of music and art. On top of that, short background info and comments on all the drawings and illustrations in the book leave no wishes unfulfilled.

Sorry about the lack of updates, everyone– we should be getting back into the swing of things!

Schwarzer Turm recently announced a collaborative anthology with the German rock band Subway to Sally. 19 artists, many of whom have been in Schwarzer Turm’s Paper Theatre anthologies, are taking the lyrics of various Subway to Sally songs and transforming them into comics. The cover of the anthology, titled Subway to Sally – Storybook, can be seen here. According to this forum post, the book comes out in September, and will be entirely black, white, and red, with a total of 224 pages (Western reading direction). The ISBN is 3-934167-39-X, and the book will cost €9.00.


June 3, 2007

Schwarzer Turm‘s Freibeutershop is worth checking out this week for two reasons!
Kappa Maki‘s second print run (better print quality and enhanced cover) is available now, and if you order a copy by July 31, your name is entered into a lottery for a poster of the cover (drawn by Anike Hage, artist of Gothic Sports) signed by most of the participating artists. Remember that Kappa Maki is available only at conventions and at Freibeutershop!
Another rarely found item is Animexx’s MangaMixx vol.3, also sold through Freibeutershop. This volume contains the following stories:
Eoin (Nicole „Nickl“ Gadomski)
No Entry (Prin & Umi Konbu)
Ein Stück Wahnsinn (Bruno Cotting & Viviane)
Der kleine Baka (Nadja „Nadja-Chan” Iljina & Aylin „ORANGE-STAR“ Yesilyurt)
Die Flut (Olivia „VenusKaio“ Vieweg)
The Toyfactory (Nicole Schoening)
Friedrich (Stefanie „PinkuBiscuit“ Gaul, Maria „Rotes_Hubawabuba“ Schuck, Eileen Wolter)
A basic magic known as Daydreaming (Galateja Jordakieva)
Ring Frei (Karla „Fenomena“ Groth)
Katana (René Heinen)
Zoe – Der Erlöser (Heidi „Sanaya“ Reyer)
Nichts ist unmöglich (Valyd & Jane Looschen)
The Promise (Kou „hayakamu“ Aikawa) 
as well as micro-doujinshis by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Nina Ruzika, Johanna „Onichanjo“ Kohler, Jens „JoKeR“ Konnerth and Harald „Dontoraneko“ Kuhn.
242 pages total.

Go grab your copies today!

You read that correctly– Schwarzer Turm is taking part in “Free Comic Book Day” by offering 5 free copies of Paper Theatre v5 in their forum! Answer five multiple choice questions (post your answers in this thread) before midnight. Good luck, and never fear: if you lose or aren’t eligible to enter, you can buy a copy of Paper Theater v5 here.

Also free: Schwarzer Turm’s anthology Kappa Maki has posted a complete story from volume 1 as a pdf! A Punk’s Tale is by Stella Brandner, who is currently working on IDOL, an ongoing story running in Carlsen’s monthly anthology Daisuki. May’s issue, which contains chapter 1, can be bought here.
In other Schwarzer Turm news, they recently posted samples from Tokyopop’s Manga Fieber v3. Check out the post for samples from artists who have been published in Schwarzer Turm’s various anthologies!

Schwarzer Turm’s third “Turm Manga Spezial”, the erotic anthology Hungry Hearts 1, is now in stock at!

Buy a copy and let me know what you think of my story, Fingerspitzen. ;3