The following are pages from’s “Sneaks”, available for download here. The rest of chapter one and the complete chapter two of Evergrey are available on Tokyopop’s “Manga Player”.


A bitter feud between witches and vampires has raged for ages. Almost no one can still remember why it began. In the confusion of this fight, a passionate love between the witch Kyrania and the vampire Szandor blooms, from which a child is born. Years later, this child, with no idea of its heritage, will change the face of the world forever…

Author: Lime Manga
Genre: Fantasy
New volume every six months
Three volumes total

Left to right


This place is beautiful!

[the following is a German lullaby]
Quiet, quiet, quiet,
because the child wants to sleep!
The mother sings it to sleep,
and offers her great love.
Quiet, quiet, quiet,
because the child wants to sleep.

Who’s singing? What a gentle voice…


This woman again…?

You always appear to find your way back to me, my sweet child.

Sleep, sleep sleep,
my darling Danika, sleep!
The angels already play music
and exalt the child.
Sleep, sleep, sleep,
my darling Danika, sleep!

Today is your sixteenth birthday. It is time to find out who you really are, Danika.


Who are you?! Why do you call me Danika?

Deep inside, you already know who I am. Just look deep into your heart, my child.


I know exactly who I am. I’m Jessica!

Yes, in your world. But this child is you, my daughter!

After your birth, I had to protect you from your father’s clan.


Overwhelmed by my grief, I did not see any other way…

…to save your life and your soul…

…I had to hide you in the place between our worlds, which you call Earth.



And like a beautiful butterfly finds its way to the flower…

–Continued in EVERGREY volume 1–

The following are pages from’s “Sneaks”, available for download here.

Triple Witching Hour
The twins Demien and Yunna have been connected since early childhood by more than mere family-ties. They are entirely different in character, but they spend a lot of time with each other and get along wonderfully. When Demien dies in a motorcycle accident, Yunna’s life spirals out of control. To her, it is as if she has lost her other half.
Then the unbelievable happens: When Yunna gets home one day, Demien suddenly stands in front of her! Triple Witching Hour abducts its readers into an equally dark and amusing comedy of mistaken identities.
Available in December 2006.

In the End
The student Kaito Niikura always gets into fights with his dad, who shows absolutely no understanding for his son’s way of life. Left alone in this way, Kaito tries to make sense of his life – until one day, he meets the teacher Ren Ando, who develops an almost sick love for the student…
In the End is based on authentic comments of teenagers in diverse internet forums, which Pink Psycho reworked into a dramatic composition. Hence, the manga mirrors the feeling of life of a generation which feels they can’t find a place in our world.
Available in October 2006.

In the End
Author: Pink Psycho
Genre: Drama/Romance
Single volume

Triple Witching Hour
Author: Olga Rogalski
Genre: Fantasy/Comedy
Single volume

The complete first chapters of In the End and Triple Witching Hour will be available starting in September 2006 on’s manga player! [DM note: In the End is the only one currently available]