EMA just sent out their newsletter, and there are plenty of occasions to meet your favorite EMA mangaka and have your books signed!

Mangaworkshop with Alexandra Völker (Catwalk)
June 30, 2-4 p.m. 


Japanese Bookstore
Immermannstr. 31
40210 Düsseldorf

DuO (Mon-Star Attack, Indépendent)
July19, 3 p.m.
k presse + buch Medienzentrum
Hamburg Central Station

Diana Liesaus (Musouka)
July 21, 3 p.m.
Comics am Steintor
Nordmannpassage 3
30159 Hannover

July 27-29,  Animagic
Diana Liesaus, DuO and Alexandra Völker

Alexandra Völker
Mangaworkshop and Manga-Exhibition
August 1
Stadtbücherei Werl
Marktstraße 3
59457 Werl

August 1, 3 p.m. 
Comic Combo
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 2
04107 Leipzig

Alexandra Völker
August 3, 3 p.m.
Comic Combo
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 2
04107 Leipzig

August 4, 1-3 p.m.
Thalia Universitätsbuchhandlung GmbH
Nathalie Frank Boulevard
Schuchardstraße 8
64283 Darmstadt

November 11, noon
Grober Unfug
 Zossener Strasse 33
10961 Berlin

Alexandra Völker
Manga-Gala and Exhibition
August 17
Stadtbücherei Werl
Marktstraße 3
59457 Werl


On June 9 Judith Park (Dystopia, Y Square, Y Square Plus, Luxus) and Alexandra Völker (Catwalk) will be signing their books at Comix in Hannover, starting at 2pm. While Judith Park publishes through Carlsen Manga, Alexandra Völker works for EMA, so you get the best from both publishers!

We’ve known for a while now that Carlsen had licensed out Judith Park’s Y Square to America, but we didn’t know who it was who’d snagged it. That’s finally been revealed! Yen Press, a new contender on the manga playing field, has announced since the beginning that they would be working on global work alongside licenses from Japan.

Yen has also secured North America rights to publish Y Square from Judith Park, “the best-selling manga-ka in Germany.” Available in December, Y Square tells the tale of a young man who can’t attract women and finally asks his babe-magnet rival for pointers. Yen’s Co-Publishing Director Kurt Hassler says, “Fans of Dramacon will eat this up.”

So far we’ve been unable to find it on Amazon (unsurprisingly, given the title), and as Yen Press doesn’t yet have a site, we have no way of looking there for an ISBN. If anyone has anymore information, let us know!

Tokyopop News

June 4, 2007

Tokyopop.de sent out their newsletter today, and there’s quite a bit of news.

Christina Plaka, author of Yonen Buzz, will be a guest at Animagic 2007, where she will introduce and sign her newest book, Yonen Buzz volume 3. She will also be signing at T3, a comic store in Frankfurt, on July 7 from 2- 5pm. T3 will also show parts of the exhibition “How is a manga created – An introduction using Christina Plaka’s Yonen Buzz as an example”. Samples from the new Yonen Buzz volume are up on Tokyopop’s online Manga Player.

Gothic Sports is enjoying success all around the world! The first print run of the American issue of Gothic Sports volume 1 was sold out soon after its publication and has since been reprinted. Volume 2 will be out in September. Due to success of volume 1 in France, Anike will give autographs at Japan Expo in Paris this summer. In Japan, where Gothic Sports has been released as a cell phone manga, readers love Anike Hage’s series as well, as is evident from the guestbook on her site.

The newsletter also gives a reminder that submissions are currently open for MangaMagie 6, a drawing contest held by Animania and Tokyopop that’s judged by employees from all the major manga publishers in Germany. Deadline is August 31. Good luck to all participants!


June 3, 2007

Schwarzer Turm‘s Freibeutershop is worth checking out this week for two reasons!
Kappa Maki‘s second print run (better print quality and enhanced cover) is available now, and if you order a copy by July 31, your name is entered into a lottery for a poster of the cover (drawn by Anike Hage, artist of Gothic Sports) signed by most of the participating artists. Remember that Kappa Maki is available only at conventions and at Freibeutershop!
Another rarely found item is Animexx’s MangaMixx vol.3, also sold through Freibeutershop. This volume contains the following stories:
Eoin (Nicole „Nickl“ Gadomski)
No Entry (Prin & Umi Konbu)
Ein Stück Wahnsinn (Bruno Cotting & Viviane)
Der kleine Baka (Nadja „Nadja-Chan” Iljina & Aylin „ORANGE-STAR“ Yesilyurt)
Die Flut (Olivia „VenusKaio“ Vieweg)
The Toyfactory (Nicole Schoening)
Friedrich (Stefanie „PinkuBiscuit“ Gaul, Maria „Rotes_Hubawabuba“ Schuck, Eileen Wolter)
A basic magic known as Daydreaming (Galateja Jordakieva)
Ring Frei (Karla „Fenomena“ Groth)
Katana (René Heinen)
Zoe – Der Erlöser (Heidi „Sanaya“ Reyer)
Nichts ist unmöglich (Valyd & Jane Looschen)
The Promise (Kou „hayakamu“ Aikawa) 
as well as micro-doujinshis by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Nina Ruzika, Johanna „Onichanjo“ Kohler, Jens „JoKeR“ Konnerth and Harald „Dontoraneko“ Kuhn.
242 pages total.

Go grab your copies today!