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March 28, 2007

Volume 13 of EMA’s free sampler, Shinkan, is now available for download on their site.  Part four (pages 120-150, but remember: Japanese direction!) includes a number of pages from Musouka, a boys love story by Diana Liesaus, and Gott Gauss, by Viviane & Bruno Cotting; both are new German manga, and soon to be released!  Gott Gauss is listed as being a single volume, while Musouka will be continued in later volumes.  There are also a few pin-ups from Independent volume 3, by DuO, so be sure to check it out!

Want more previews?  Kappa Maki volume 1 has one up!  For those unaware of it, Kappa Maki is a new anthology of “German doujinshi” (this volume’s theme: comedy) which is only sold at cons and on the publisher’s site. Anike Hage (Gothic Sports) did the cover of volume one, and eleven short stories fill the anthology, including one by Nam & Tram Nguyen (Delilah’s Mystery).

We’ve updated the Master List of German Manga with quite a few new additions, and gave the Licensed Abroad page a make-over, with lots of new info… but there’s still lots we’re missing!  Let us know if you have any idea who the publishers that have licensed these works are.

EMA – Shinkan 12 – 2/2

November 30, 2006

EMA recently released Shinkan 12, which covers their fall/winter of 2006/2007 line-up.


EMA on Tour!

The big EMA-roadshow happened from May 29 til June 3.  We sent our German manga artists, Alexandra Voelker (Catwalk), Asu and Reami of DuO (Mon-Star Attack), Gina Wetzel (Orcus Star), Lenka Buschova (Freaky Angel), and Ying Zhou-Cheng (Shanghai Passion), on a big signing tour through Germany.

The tour was a big success, and fans and book-traders were equally enthusiastic.  No surprise: after all, the six lively manga-girls kept everyone entertained with colorful costumes, a great program, and lots of fun!

EMA – Shinkan 12 – 1/2

November 29, 2006

EMA recently released Shinkan 12, which covers their fall/winter of 2006/2007 line-up.


Shopping-crazed mafia-daughter…
…on the run! Epice’s money worries are history, but now she has a lot of other worries. While she’s chased by the robbed-thief, the highly-motivated police, and her “mafioso” brother, she still finds enough time to provide entertainment for her best friend- by kidnapping her favorite popstar! Fortunately, he isn’t too opposed to a little kidnapping. Being a popstar is normally so boring…
Killer babes, cute guys, and absurd ideas – and the first volume comes with a free INDEPENDENT-STABILO-highlighter! The hellish DuO strikes again!

Author: DuO
3 volumes, ongoing


From wallflower to supermodel
Catwalk tells the story of the shy student Blanche, who’s loaded with complexes, and who takes the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a supermodel.
In the second and final volume of the short series, Blanche experiences the dark sides of the fashion world and the balance between school and life on the catwalk becomes more and more troubled. Her pushy colleague Kei doesn’t make life any easier either. Will Blanche be broken by the stress of the hard model business?

Catwalk is the first manga series by the 20 year old artist Alexandra Voelker from Hamm, who won second place at the Connichi 2004 doujinshi contest.

2 volumes, finished
Author: Alexandra Voelker

Without Identity

“If you look into an abyss long enough…
…the abyss also looks into you.” – F. Nietzsche

Sascha Schaetzchen, a German exceptional-mangaka with a fondness for skimpily-clad, full-breasted heroines, sends his protagonist onto a Tour de Force through the abysses of human flaws.
What is really behind the pretty facades of Dandelion, Naomi, Autumn, and Celestine?
Is it divine intervention that led them together, or a more devilish plan that will climax in the destruction of mankind?

Sascha Schaetzchen’s refined graphics were improved even more for the second volume of the series, and the language of the images can stand equally with his Japanese rolemodels. The story is superficially built on eroticism, action, and gore, but in its completeness it develops a deep level of understanding of the human condition.

A must for all fans of complex manga!

Author: Sascha Schaetzchen
3 volumes – ongoing

New Series from Carlsen & EMA

November 18, 2006

SplashComics notes that EMA has released the titles of two new series that should be coming out next summer.

Gott Gauss, by Viviane, a Swiss artist. The series apparently used to be posted as an online comic at SplashComics, so stop by if you’re interested in some sample images.

Musouka, by Diana Liesaus. The 19 year old from Dresden recently won the Connichi doujinshi contest, and had her short BL story Puppet 175 published in the Shinkan Special 2005. The story was later republished in Lime Law v1, by Fireangels Verlag. She’s on both Animexx & Y-Gallery.

In similar news, AnimeY reports that Carlsen Comics‘ new Manga Preview has a sample from a new pair of mangaka, more of whose work we’ll see in spring of next year. Franziska Leviathan and Tina Lindhorst had a short story in Manga Preview, titled The Same Pleasure as Every Year.

A few of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 11… Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany

Love gives you wings!

New short stories at two chapters each about Hikari (the “Freaky Angel”), who wants to help people with love problems.
In volume two, there’s more about Hikaru and Hugo. What kind of relationship do they have in real life, and what is their real task?

The characters from the first volume also make reappearances, as Hugo tries to ruin Hikari’s “achievements”.

Lenka Buschova, the winner of the Connichi 2003 doujinshi drawing contest presents her second manga with romantic comedy plots and convincing artwork.

Author – Lenka Buschova
Two volumes – finished.

German Mangaka from EMA!
Gina Wetzel
Alexandra Voelker
Lenka Buschova
Sascha Shaetzchen
Ying Zhou Cheng


Manga Made in Germany


Catwalk – Alexandra Voelker
Mon-Star Attack – DuO
Orcus Star – Gina Wetzel
Freaky Angel – Lenka Buschova
Shanghai Passion – Ying Zhou Cheng

More information on the EMA-Roadshow and the particular locations can be found online at http://www.manganet.de

Meet your manga-stars on the roadshow from May 29 – June 3, 2006

The manga-summer now begins! Let us sweeten the first sunbeams of the year 2006 for you – with the big EMA-Roadshow!
Witness our german mangaka on the big signing tour in the branded EMA-tourbus, as they travel through Germany’s biggest metropolises: six manga gals, six days, seven cities. Alexandra Voelker (Catwalk), the DuO (Mon-Star Attack), Gina Wetel (Orcus Star), Lenka Buschova (Freaky Angel), and Ying Zhou Cheng (Shanghai Passion) come to you – live and in color. Other than autographed copies of their manga, make sure you get useful tips and tricks about drawing manga. And, of course, numerous surprises, extras, and highlights await you. Just let yourself be surprised – EMA is coming to you…

Be a manga artist!

…and the fun continues! For 2006, Egmont Manga & Anime (EMA) and the international writing utensil-producer STABILO once again call for the big COMIC CAMPUS drawing contest. This is where Germany’s rising mangaka can submit their self-drawn manga stories.
The best submissions will once again be rewarded with great material and monetary prizes, as well as publication in the EMA special volume Shinkan-Special! Our German mangaka demonstrated how to do it – now it’s your turn!
So: Ready, set, DRAW!

Both detailed information about the contest and submission guidelines can be found online at:
EMA: http://www.manganet.de
STABILO: http://www.stabilo.com

The cover and a few of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 11… A summary and a few preview pages of Indépendent. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany

They are young, wild, and indépendent…

…at least, as long as Daddy pays. But hip girl Épicé can’t be that dependent anymore; after all, she’s the daughter of a true mafioso. So she decides to up her budget, which suffers strongly from her shopping sprees. Mafia-style, of course…
In the newest work from our DuO is filled with juicy bishies and tough manga-babes! Of course, the two always have a little fun with such stereotypes.
It would be a pity if they didn’t; after all, a Shingo with an accounting compulsion is twice as cute! [we don’t know what they mean by this…]
The writing utensil-producers of the nation agreed, and hence you will soon find Epice & Co. on five shiny highlighters from STABILO… available all over Europe! Those who can wait (*harhar*) will get the cute pens for free with the manga (volume one, limited first edition)!

*heavenly beauty*
I am young, cute, self-confident, loved by all, cool and stylish…
…and have everything a hip girl needs.
And that would be…
The DuO-Trend-News-Exclusive-Special-Fashion-Magazine for Independent Girls™!
Thanks to it, every hip girl knows what she needs.
And that’s why it appears daily.

Other than ten pages of ads, horoscopes, DuO-propaganda, and for special occasions, bonus glitter stickers, the absolute highlight is the In/Out-List with constantly changing trends.
Of course, I have the absolute musts of the day!

Fruit hairclips (even though I find vegetables to be cooler)
T-shirt instead of a blouse
Tie (actually, two) in the color of the month, which is determined by the school principal via choosing lots
Way too short a skirt (for safety, with petticoat)
Tights (and socks, because I like ‘em)
Two-striped loose socks
Sports bag
Mega-long cell-phone straps
Platform shoes

It can’t be true!

These are some of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 10… A summary and a few preview pages of Shanghai Passion, a single volume BL work. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany/Shounen Ai adult

Travel and see the world…

Shanghai, 1933: The German businessman Vincent Sebastian von Kretsch has traveled to China to forge trading connections and to escape marriage to his fiancée, whom he believes he cannot truly love.
In Shangai, he meets Bai Li, the son of a powerful Chinese mafia family which has big plans for him and his half-brother Lei…who oddly attracts the conservative foreigner!
Ying Zhou Cheng is the winner of the Connichi doujinshi contest 2004. With her short story “CHOU”, she enchanted the jury and readers alike. With “Shanghai Passion”, the Chinese-born passionate cosplayer has her impressive manga debut.

(right to left)

I was just kidding.

Phew… hehe…

Would you like to rest, or dine right away?

Dine. I want to be punctual…
…proper, and…


You are so distracted. Should I carry you to your room…
…Mr. von Solms?

Uh… no, I’m just… distracted by the city…

Would you like me to show you “my city” later?
I am practically married, miss.

Well… voila.

These are some of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 10… A summary and a few preview pages of Freaky Angel. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany/Comedy

An angel for love.

Whether in love, friendship, or carrier: angel Hikari helps in every type of situation. Her clients, however, are a little crazy – and that fits perfectly for the Freaky Angel, who accomplishes her tasks in very unique ways. That her first client’s best friend is a mop doesn’t throw off Hikari’s stride at all. She wants to act as a matchmaker between the shy Satoshi and his secret love, Ren. After that, she’s supposed to fix the friendship between Raya and Karin – or find them new friends/boyfriends. And finally, there is still the singer Kyumin, who wants to quit her job…
Three stand-alone short stories, each with two chapters, tell the story of the Freaky Angel. After every case, she disappears, and all memories of her go with her. But for the readers, Hikari will certainly be unforgettable!
Lenka Buschova, the winner of the Connichi 2003 drawing contest, presents herself as a new talent with her romantic comedy plots and impressive layout and artwork.

(right to left)

What’s with the ridiculous wings?


Thanks, now I can go back to sweeping.
But you know, not like it matters that I have to clean it up.

What do you want?
To help you with love, since you really suck.

And I already have an idea.

Don’t bother, no one can help me there.

Just leave it to me!
After all, I’m a real neotenshi.

So will you be my love slave?

Waah! Mr. Mop!

Kyaa, what are you doing?!
Jumping after it…
Lemme go!

Hmm, comfy bed. I can imagine staying here…
Thanks for letting me stay here in exchange for my help.

But somehow, you’re pretty naïve.
After all, I could be a homicidal psychopath…

If you want me to throw you out, keep acting like you are.

Damn, cut myself.

EMA Shinkan 10 – Catwalk

September 23, 2006


These are the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 10… A summary and a few preview pages of Catwalk. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany/ Soap

Catwalk- a fashion manga

Xela City is THE fashion-city. Here, the creative minds of the world gather, here trends are set and dream-like model careers become possible. It is in these surroundings that the shy and complex-laden girl Blanche finds herself discovered by a model agency and gets the incredible opportunity to become “Model of the Year”. But Blanche’s past is filled with just as many secrets as that of her new manager, Merry…
Catwalk is the first manga from the 18 year old mangaka Alexandra Voelker, from Hamm. She won second place at the Connichi 2004 doujinshi drawing contest.

(right to left)

Well, for my standards, there is way too much going on here.
Huge masses of people…
How am I supposed to find this “Merry” here?
I can’t imagine I’ll just happen to run into her.

Didn’t the guy at the entrance say something about friendly helpers?

Well great, I don’t see any helpers.
Especially not a friendly one.

Oh well, guess I’ll have to ask around…

There’s my first potential victim…!
Ichigo, ichigooo *sing*

Excuse me, do you happen to know a “Merry”…? No…?
She has glasses, and is… *blahblah*


Ooh, I get directions? That’s really not necessary!

What the…?
An autograph…?

At this rate, I’ll be searching for hours…
The agency is ten times larger than the new school, and I already had a hard time getting around there…

Ooh? What have we here?


Damsel in distress!!!!
God, why did I accept this stupid job?!

I really urgently need information about a “Merry”.
You know, I was ordered here and am supposed to-

I’m not deaf!
It’s probably one of those retarded models…
Yes, yes, you’re one of Merry’s girls.
The conference started without you… first door on your left.

These are the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 10… Info about Manga Twister (a manga anthology), and also info about Comic Campus, EMA’s version of RSOM. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Magazine

Germany’s thickest manga-mag is…

not only an impressive stack of printed pages, but also something really special: Because our whirlwind offers something that not even the Japanese know: manga for boys and girls in one magazine, shounen and shoujo joined peacefully and only a little “twist” away from each other.

Its bimonthly publishing is new, and there are also some new fledgling series in both sides. For example, Dream Kiss, by Kazumi Ohya: a manga that looks at the topic of gender switching from the female point of view, as the cute heroine finds herself to be a member of a boy-band! The new shounen-hit is named Midori no Hibi, and also promises a lot of reading fun!

Apart from that, as always, everything about manga is there, as well as great reading material (480 pages!), super prizes, and (this time for sure) a teeny-tiny preview of the new DuO series.

Manga Made in Germany

Be a Manga Artist: Comic Campus 2005

It’s being shouted from the rooftops, and the cover of this Shinkan informs the reader as well: EMA is celebrating its fifth birthday! Five years of EMA – that means five years of reading fun from Japan, Korea… and Germany!

Of course, supporting the German newcomer mangaka is at the top of our to-do list for our anniversary year too. After all, the drawing of Japanese and Korean comics has long-ceased to be the business just of well-known professional artists from Japan and Korea; by now there are numerous German talents that draw in the manga style – and who really don’t have to be afraid of being compared to their famous role models!

This is proven once more by our doujinshi contest; this year it’s been organized under the name Comic Campus, together with Animexx and the writing-utensil supplier STABILO. Around 800 submissions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland make it obvious once again that the manga-art has long-since found a way into central European culture. We give a heart-felt thank you to all participants!

You can certainly imagine that with such a high number of submissions and a high level of quality of many of the entries the selection of the winners wasn’t easy. Nevertheless, we had to make a decision and after an exhausting reading marathon by the judges, the three best submissions to Comic Campus 2005 were finally determined.

And here they are:

First prize:
Diana Liesaus (Dresden)
Title: “Puppet 175”

Second prize:
Alina and Alesja Wagner (Wackersdorf)
Title: “Trip2Ehon”

Third prize:
Luisa Velontrova (Luckenwalde)
Title: “Paradise is Nowhere”

The submitted manga short stories of all three winners will be published by EMA in a special issue – the Shinkan Special 2005, which will, as always, come out for Connichi (September 16-18). Apart from the three winners, there are also runners up from other Comic Campus participants who didn’t manage to make it into the very top, but whose work still impressed us so much that we had to include them in this doujinshi volume. Who are they? Just check online.

The winners of Comic Campus 2005 are listed there with their submissions. And by the way- the Shinkan Special 2005 will be available for download starting in October on the listed internet sites!

Many newcomer artists manage the jump into publishing via our doujinshi contest and get a much-desired EMA contract. In the following pages, you can see a few that already made it and have stories that are already out in paperback, published by EMA. Have fun reading!