Hungry Hearts 1
ISBN 3-934167-35-7, available at
German language
176 pages – 6.50 Euros
Release date: March 22, 2007

Schwarzer Turm has already brought out two remarkable anthologies from the “Turm Manga Spezial” line, “Es war keinmal” and “200g Hack”. The third anthology, “Hungry Hearts“, seduces readers with seven erotic comics.
With a rating of 16 and up, the reader can expect the naked truth and suggestive stories.
Yuri and Boys Love-lovers haven’t been forgotten. Niki Smith‘s short story, “Fingerspitzen”, puts you in the middle of a lesbian romantic scene. Those who like it a little more explicit will enjoy Hermann Geisler‘s story “Flesh ‘N’ Steel”, a mix of sci-fi and naked women.
“Hungry Hearts” is published left-to-right, and the varied styles of the artists should also charm lovers of classic European comics.

Schwarzer Turm, publisher of Es War Keinmal and the ongoing anthology Paper Theatre, have announced a call for submissions for their new anthology project, Hungry Hearts.

Hungry Hearts will be an erotica anthology for readers over 16- those interested should note that that means nothing too hardcore. The anthology will be in the style of Es War Keinmal– a single volume collection of themed short manga stories. Stories can be about male/female, male/male, or female/female. The page-count should be 6-30, with a left to right reading direction. Payment will be existant, but very minimal (as this is an anthology…).

The deadline is January 1st –no extensions!–, with the finished volume being published in March.

To be considered, send a website with samples of your art to the email listed in the announcement. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be granted access to the private forum, where you post your story idea for further approval. You’re expected to visit the forum daily, and post often with examples of your progress.

Splash Comics released a podcast with a list of artists already signed up. They’ve also mentioned that the cover will be drawn by nekoli, an artist who has been published in Paper Theatre.

For anyone wondering who’s eligible to submit… we’re not really sure, as none of our emails have been answered! it seems like it’s no problem for non-Germans to submit.

Fireangels Verlag has decided to slim down the number of anthologies they’ll be putting out… Anyone who was interested in submitting should glance at these new deadlines & guidelines.
Rather than do themed anthologies, future volumes from Fireangels will be seperated by whether they’re BL or yuri. There hasn’t been enough interest in non-yaoi/yuri works for Fireangels to set a deadline for an anthology that wouldn’t be either of the two.
Current plans are for Lime Law to be released three times a year (the below “yaoi III” will be volume two, and “yaoi IV” will be volume three, etc). Yaoi 18+ (Lemon Law) will be released twice a year, and the yuri anthology (Lily) will be the same, if they get enough submissions.

Links will take you to bilingual guidelines posted on the Fireangels Verlag’s livejournal.

* December, 15st, 2006
YAOI III – “Man” meets Man, SciFi, Surreal/Supernatural
* short manga and stories (can be illustrated), BL

* February, 1st, 2007 Yaoi 18+
* short manga and (can be illustrated) stories, Yaoi

* May, 1st, 2007 YAOI IV – Fairy-Tales, Fantasy
* short manga and stories (can be illustrated), BL

* July, 1st, 2007 YURI III – Fairy-Tales, Fantasy, SciFi, Surreal/Supernatural, Other
* short manga and stories (can be illustrated), Yuri

From’s September newsletter.

TOKYOPOP at the Frankfurt Bookfair.
Tokyopop will be present for the third time, with special guest Anike Hage (Gothic Sports).
The signing schedule is as follows (all signings take place in Comic-Zentrum):
Saturday, 10/07/2006
12-2pm – signing by Anike Hage
Sunday, 10/08/2006
10-12pm – signing by Anike Hage and Jeff Smith (Bone)
3-5pm – signing by Anike Hage

Portfolio reviews are also available on Saturday from 4-5pm at the TOKYOPOP stand (Hall 3, J820).

New in October.

In the End-
Pink Psycho
attracted a lot of attention recently when they first presented samples from In The End at AnimagiC and Connichi.
Now the book is finally available, and the story will be sure to touch you. The manga is a dramatic interpretation of authentic statements from teenagers on diverse internet forums. The manga therefore mirrors the outlook on life shared by a whole generation- “there is no place for me in the world.”

Iscel v2-
The orphan girl Lalin and Finn, a member of the Sem Icim, have become friends and fight their way through the chaos of war, trying to get to safety. And with that, their unavoidable search for their fate begins…
You can read about the experiences of Lalin and Finn in the second volume of Iscel. The first chapter is available on Manga Player.

Yonen Buzz 0 – Plastic Chew-
What happened before there was Yonen Buzz? TOKYOPOP presents the new edition of the prologue, Prussian Blue. Under the title of Yonen Buzz – Plastic Chew (volume 0), you can see how everything began…
As all of you surely know, Christina Plaka is currently in Japan as part of her Japanese studies. In the Yonen Buzz thread on the TOKYOPOP-Forum , Chris periodically offers insights into her everyday life and the discoveries she makes in the Land of Manga. Check it out!

Also being released are German versions of Steady Beat v1 and I Luv Halloween v1.


Also new are a few updates by Fireangels. We’ve edited our recent post about submission guidelines to fit their changes. Lime Law v1 is also now available through, for anyone interested in buying it.
One addition of note, however, is a new anthology…

A more “adult” (NC17) version of their Lime Law anthology, Lemon Law will focus on more mature themes. More information can be found (in both English and German) by clicking the banner.
There are plans for a similar yuri anthology in the future, for those interested.

Homepage (german)
Livejournal Community (english/bilingual)
Y-Gallery (english/bilingual)
Message board (german)

It may be young, but Fireangels is eager to get books out… and they’re open to submissions for anyone- you don’t have to be German to submit a story.

Current deadlines:

October 1, 2006
Yuri 1 – short manga stories, 10-60 pages. must contain yuri/shoujo ai.
Yuri 2 – short stories and illustrations. must contain yuri/shoujo ai.

November 1, 2006 – Science Fiction 1 – short manga and short stories (can be illustrated). can be anything (yuri, yaoi, OR “normal”)

December 1, 2006 – Man Meets “Man” – short manga and short stories. required theme: a bishounen meets a “real man”…

January 1, 2007 – Surreal 2 – short manga and short stories (can be illustrated). can be anything (yuri, yaoi, OR “normal”)

February 1, 2007
Fantasy 1 – short manga and short stories (can be illustrated). can be anything (yuri, yaoi, OR “normal”)
Yaoi 18+ 1– short manga and short stories (can be illustrated).  mature content.

March 1, 2007 – Fairytale 1 – short manga and short stories (can be illustrated). a yaoi/yuri twist on a fairytale.

April 1, 2007 – Yaoi 3 – short manga (10-60 pages) and short stories (1-5 pages).

Requirements for Manga Submissions (more info can be found here)

Nothing heavier than “R”, no rape, no shota/lolicon.
600 DPI
A5 size, with a 4mm-1.5cm bleed
Submit as .tif without text
Typically 10-60 pages- if you email them, they will allow 8-70p.
Black and white (no greyscale)
Must be original characters- no fan doujinshi.
Reading direction- western or “japanese” are both accepted.
Each anthology is about 300-400 pages.
Payment will be made for your stories, but ammounts cannot be publically disclosed.

Stories will ultimately be published in German, so you may want to find a translator (…drop us an email) or discuss this with the publisher.

You can email them (English is fine, no worries) if you have any questions

This is a little off-topic, but it needs to get out there.

August 30, 2006

ALC Publishing, the only all-Yuri publisher in North America, is
recruiting writers and artists for their 2007 Yuri English-language
anthology, “Yuri Monogatari 5.”

Writers and artists who wish to be considered for the new anthology
should read the submission rules at
carefully before sending any materials. Questions can be emailed to Recruitment will be held through October 1,
2006. Due to the time constraints of the project, no applications can
be accepted after this time however, completed comics can be accepted
at any time. See the above page for details.

“Yuri Monogatari 5” is the fifth annual original English-language yuri
publication by ALC Publishing, building on the success of ALC’s
previous four “Yuri Monogatari” anthologies, which are now distributed
world-wide. The previous anthologies feature the works of popular yuri
artists Rica Takashima, Akiko Morishima, Althea Keaton, Kristina
Kolhi, Beth Malone and many more!

ALC Publishing, North America’s only all-yuri publisher was founded in
2003 as the publishing arm of Yuricon, with a mission to bring high
quality yuri publications to the worldwide English speaking audience.
For more information on ALC Publishing or its parent organization
Yuricon, please visit the ALC website at
or email us at